Benjen Stark [Character Study]

What’s up ladies and gentlemens welcome to TV series Reviews for the another Game of Thrones season 08 end prediction. Today I wanna actually talk about the possibilities for the return of Benjen Stark again.

“So the wildlings are giving the sleepless nights. You have never been to north of the wall so don’t tell me what’s out there”.

– said by Benjen to Tyrian Lannister in season 01

Benjen Stark

Uncle Benjen is a beloved character and he is also a mysterious one because he went missing beyond the wall in the very first season.

In that season we learned that he is the brother of Ned Stark and the first ranger of Night’s Watch.

1. When Benjen Stark and Jon snow have their last talks.

Benjen Stark 5

When Jon Snow decides to join the nights watch. His uncle Benjen escorts him to the Castle Black.

Shortly after then uncle Benjen told Jon of going out beyond the wall because they are receiving some disturbing reports.

After then uncle Benjen heads north with few mens and it doesn’t took long for something wrong.

By the time Jon was ready to say his wows Benjen Stark’s companion were already dead.

While Jon and Samwell were reciting their words in front of the weirwood tree. Jon’s direwolf Ghost finds a dead man’s hand.

This leads them to the discovery of both the man that were ranging beyond the wall with Benjen.

And it was upto season 06 we have learned what happened to Uncle Benjen?

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2. When Benjen met Bran and Miera.

He was assumed dead until the time his body was never found they could not be confirmed.

Our worst fear was that uncle Benjen was turned into a full white. And in the next time we see him he would be attempting to kill anyone including Jon and Bran.

Benjen Stark 3

Unfortunately for Benjen, he was attacked by the white walkers after he saved Bran and Miera.

He told exactly what happened to him. One of them stabbed him in the guts with sword of ice and they left him to die and then turn him to white.

Thanks to the children of forest who saved Benjen Stark before Night King’s magic could take hold.

The interesting thing is that they saved him using exactly same method of how they created the Night King.

With the help of dragon glass penetrating into the Benjen’s chest. This caused in return of Benjen Stark.

3. Benjen’s appearance.

Benjen Stark 1

Now Benjen Stark appears to be half human and half white.

But what is Benjen really?

Is Benjen still a mortal character in tv series?

The last time we saw Benjen Stark in season 07 when Jon and his companion went beyond the wall to capture a white.

But they were surrounded and nearly killed until Daenerys showed up with her dragons to save them.

As Jon is running to get on the dragon. The whites attack the Jon and they fall into the lake.

Daenerys had to leave him because the Night King was taking his aim to kill another dragon.

When Jon emerges from the lake. The whites either sensed him or heard him and they turned around and started running at him.

But Benjen Stark shows up in time to save Jon. He gave Jon his horse and he sends him on his way.

And as Jon looks over his shoulder he sees his uncle is surround and being completely overwhelm by whites.

It didn’t appear as if Benjen Stark was gonna make it out of there. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see him again.

There will be some chances in return of Benjen Stark.

I think before anyone just assumes that Benjen is gone for good. There are a few things we should consider before we jump to any conclusion.

4. Other character similar to Benjen Stark.

When Benjen reappeared on the show in season 06 he was technically a very different character.

The  Benjen Stark we now know is completely based a character from the books. It goes by my character in the name of COLDHANDS.

Benjen Stark

The character in the books also helped Bran and Miera. But he was a little more involved.

And there are also a few interesting things to learn about this character.

Uncle Benjen and Coldhands from the books both have served things in common. They were both in the Night’s Watch and they both consider the face.

They both have very paled face but the hands are black as tar. By looking at both the character you can describe them as being dead.

5. Difference between Benjen and the Coldhands.

But whites have blue eyes and the Benjen don’t. Their eyes are very dark in colour.

Benjen told Bran that he was sent by the Three Eyed Raven. Just like Coldhands does in the books.

And also notice that Coldhands neither eats nor sleeps.

Bran Stark did sees his uncle closed his eyes but Bran think he ain’t sleeping.

But when Benjen was draining the blood from the dead rabbits he didn’t ate any other rabbits. So he probably doesn’t eat either.

There are too many differences between Benjen and Coldhands.

When he met up with Bran Stark obviously Benjen didn’t helped until after the cave was attacked.

6. According to books.

But in the books Coldhands saved Bran before he gets to cave. And he escorts Bran in order to keep him safe during the long journey to North.

When Coldhands finally gets Bran to cave. This is one of the very important pieces of the information about Coldhands is revealed.

This could be a clue as to what happened to Benjen after Jon saw him surrounded by whites.

Just when we saw on the show when whites starts popping out under the ground and surrounded them.

Bran went safely inside the cave. He notices that Coldhands is still outside the cave and he is surrounded by whites.

When Bran was worried that Coldhands is about to be killed as all the whites have surrounded him.

Bran looks one of the Children of Forest and asks what about the Ranger? But the Children say he cannot come.

This means he cannot enter the cave because of the magical force fields.

Just like when Benjen said to Bran that he couldn’t cross the wall. But children tells to Bran that Coldhands can’t come inside the cave for safety.

Bran then says they will kill him and the children says NO they killed him long ago.

Now that is very fascinating because that means cold hands cannot die no matter how many whites have surrounded him.

Then what made in return of Benjen Stark?

Whatever magic is keeping him going is very powerful.

We saw Benjen Stark surrounded by whites just like Bran saw Coldhands surrounded by whites. But children says no they cannot kill him.

Now I do have to say this doesn’t means we won’t see Benjen again.

I think it was something again noted since Benjen has dragon glass in his heart just like the Night King.

There is no telling how powerful he actually is. When we combine them with the Stark blood which we all know a very pure magical blood line.

This powerful gift and magical blood line brought in return of Benjen Stark.


But we all love to see Benjen Stark again and wish for return of Benjen Stark again in next season.

It is all depend upon the writers whether they want to bring uncle Benjen or not.

Chances are very extremely low. But personally I would love to see uncle Benjen again as this character was highly under used.

There was so much more they could have done with him. But I guess we will have to wait and see.

If they wanna surprise one last time with a nice show up in the last season.  Let us wait for the surprise.

If you guys have any other better theories on return of Benjen Stark then please comment in the box below.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic though even if we don’t see him again.

Give me reason if you actually think he died after he save Jon Snow.

Make me know what crazy ideas are crawling in your mind.

Anyway thanks for reading my post.



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