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House Mormont

House Mormont of Bear Island is a house that hold loyalty as a Vassal house to House Stark. This house rules far from the north – west of Winterfell on an island called Bear Island.

Lord of the Bear Island is the head of this house. House Mormont possess a valyrian steel sword Longclaws, which was later given to Jon Snow.

The house sigil of Momont is a rampant black bear on a white field surrounded by green border.

“Here we stand” are their house words.

Bear Island knows no king but the king in the north, whose name is Stark
  - Lady Lyanna Mormont

house mormont

Words     “Here we stand”

House Mormont Family 5 Tree

Sigil     A rampant black bear on a white field surrounded by green border

Place     Bear Island

Area     The North

Titles     Lord of Bear Island

Lord     Lyanna Mormont

Allegiance     House Stark

Religion     Old Gods of the forest

Army Strength     Nearly 80-90 Men

Ancestral Weapon     Longclaws (Now in possession of Jon Snow)

family tree

House Mormont Family Tree


Jeor Mormont     Head of the family and former lord commander of the Night’s Watch. Gets killed by the mutineers at Craster’s Keep.

Jorah Mormont     Son of Jeor Mormont and heir to Bear Island. He is called as “Joran the Andal” by Dothraki’s. He fled to the free cities due to his attempt of selling slaves. Currently he is serving Daenerys Targaryen after Samwell Tarley cured him from Greyscale. He is in love with her.

Lynesse Hightower     Lynese was the wife of Jorah Mormont. Later their relationship becomes strained, Joran tries to win her back by expensive things, but he spent all his money. This made Jorah to sell slaves for money and gets banished from the north by Eddard Stark. Both Lynesse and Jorah flees, still Jorah wasn’t able to afford her desires and she left him.

Maege Mormont     Sister of Jeor. By her nephew’s disgrace, she was the former head of the family and Lady of Bear Island. Gets Killed during The War of five Kings.

Dacey Mormont     The eldest daughter of Maege and heir to the House Mormont. She fought every battle with Robb Stark and won all of them.

Alysanne Mormont     Second daughter of Maege Mormont.

Lyra Mormont     Another daughter of Maege Mormont.

Jorelle Mormont     Another younger daughter of Maege Mormont.

Lyanna Mormont     Daughter of Maege Mormont.


House Mormont Family Tree 1

Bear Island is said to be a gift to House Mormont from their lords House Stark. This earned a loyalty to Starks by Mormonts.

Bear Island is said to be have won by Starks in a wrestling match against the Iron Kings.

House Mormont is one the proudest and oldest house in the North. But their reputation and honour has reduced by Jorah Mormont. He committed the crimes for trading slaves.

House Mormont Family Tree 3

This made very disgraceful to Jeor Mormont and made it difficult to shake it off.

Season 01

When Eddard Stark gets imprisoned by the newly made King Joffrey Baratheon, Robb Stark assembles his army and banners.

After then Lady Maege Mormont joins her force with Robb’s army.

She serves as a member in Robb’s council. The army then marches towards the Riverland into south.

Robb’s army and his banners forms an alliance with the House Frey. The alliance was a marriage contract for Robb.

The Northern Lords and Lady Maege declares Robb the “King in the North”.

Season 02

The Northerners continues their journey and win their victories, including the Battle of Oxcross.

After then Lady Maege doesn’t appear in Robb’s council.

Robb breaks his marriage contract with House Frey by marrying Talisa Maegyr.

Season 03

With the assistance of House Bolton, House Frey takes its revenge against Robb Stark.

At The Twins behind the facade of a wedding, they orchestrate a massacre.

House Mormont and the Northern Army gets wiped out totally, excluding the Boltons and its men.

After then Roose Bolton is made the Warden of the North. Now House Mormont have to give its allegiance to House Bolton, otherwise it will remain as an enemy to Iron Throne.

Season 05

Lady Lyanna Mormont rules the house on Bear Island. She refuses the proposal of Stannis Baratheon to pledge its allegiance against House Bolton.

House Mormont Family Tree 3

She describes continuing her loyalty to House Stark to a letter from Stannis Baratheon in a missive asserting.

Season 06

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark visits Bear Island to get join House Mormont in their army. They did to retake the Winterfell from Ramsey Bolton.

Initially Lyanna was in doubt to agree, but later she accepts when she came to hear that, the army is also needed to fight against the Night King.

Jon and Sansa gets aback when they hear that, the whole strength of Bear Island is just 62 fighting men.

Later Lady Lyanna assures them that each one of Bear Island will “fights with the strength of 10 mainlanders”.

Lyanna joins Jon, Sansa, Ser Davos and Tormund against the Ramsey Bolton. She intensely stares him down.

All the 62 men of Bear Island fights selflessly for Winterfell in the Battle of the Bastards. A shield bearing the sigil of House Mormont is used by Jon Snow to bring down Ramsey Bolton.

After the battle of Bastards Lady Lyanna Mormont remains the one among the many in meeting at Winterfell.

She personally stands up with the Knights of the Vale and the Free Folk Bicker. She realise the other northern house which didn’t participate in the battle for cowardice and disloyalty.

Personally she singles out Lord Cley Cerwyn for refusing to fight for the House Stark.

After then she possesses her loyalty to House Stark, and joins with the others for proclaiming Jon Snow as the King in the North.

season 07

Training both girls and boys for combat is started by the northern leader Lady Lyanna Mormont.

Lady Lyanna Mormont is the first one among Stark loyalist In the Great hall of Winterfell, who disagree with the decision of King Jon Snow to accept the invitation of Daenerys Targaryen and meet her at Dragonstone.

Lyanna tells Jon that, “winter is here your grace. We need the King in the North in the North!”

military strength

House Mormont used to command a sizeable amount of men before The War of the Five Kings started.

This house can raise about 4000 – 5000 men due to the numerous raids from the Ironborn and Wildlings.

House Mormont losed most of its warriors after The War of the Five Kings. Lady Maege Mormont participated with the Robb Stark in war.

Mormont soldiers are very distinguishable from other northern soldiers. They use oval shields in the battle, wear thick leather padding and chainmail for protection.

The death of Lady Maege Mormont and the slaughtering at The Twins has greatly reduced the size of Mormont’s position in the North.

So, the Red Wedding has significantly weakened the House Mormont.

Though they have been weaken, but they still remain loyal to House Stark by refusing Stannis Baratheon.

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark gets help by Lady Lyanna Stark in reclaiming Winterfell from House Bolton.

They offer 62 men in the Battle of the Bastards.

according to the books

In the books A Song of Ice and Fire, House Mormont is a big supporter of House Stark.

Bear Island was won by King Rodrik Stark in a wrestling match, according to legends.

The match was played with the Ironborn lord. He held the Island at that time. After then he appoints it to Mormonts to rule there.

Bear Island is remote, cold and icy, but also very beautiful. Due to the lack of stones on the island, the Mormont castle is built with wooden house. But it’s very large and comfortable.

The island still consist with bears prowling into the woods. That’s why it became their house sigil.

People of Bear Island are strong, fierce and hard working.

The women on Bear Island are also trains in the warfare, unlike the other womens in Westeros. This is for defending their lands and homes against the wildlings raids from the Frozen Shore.

House Mormont is ruled by Lord Jeor Mormont distinctive and honourably.

Jeor retires himself from the lord and joins the Night’s Watch taking the black. He rise his fame rapidly and becomes the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

He did this as his son Jorah proved himself as a great warrior, winning all the battles and honours during Greyjoy Rebellion.

Lord Jorah proved himself a great rulers for several years. But later he disgrace himself in an engagement of trading slaves.

Jorah flees to the Free Cities when Lord Eddard Stark forfeiture it’s rank, lands and titles, rather facing justice.

Jeor’s younger sister becomes the Lady of Bear Island and the head of House Mormont.

As a brother of the Night’s Watch serve for life, Jeor was not able to return to Bear Island and rule over it, continue his former rule however.

But Lady Maege Mormont proves to be an effective and strong ruler of the house.

Dacey Mormont is eldest among the five daughters of Maege’s and a proud warrior.

She serves as one of the personal guard throughout the War of the Five Kings. Dacey gets slain at the Red Wedding.

Dacey remains on the Stark few bannermen who survive the attacks from the Frey crossbows. Dacey manage to tackle the another attack by smashing a wine in his face.

She ran across the door, but when she is about to reach the exit, about dozen of Frey men with armed comes in front of her led by Rymen Frey, he drove a long axe into her belly.

In the books it is still unknown if Maege Mormont is alive. The reason is she was not present at the Red Wedding.

Before reaching the Twins Robb sends Maege and Galbart Glover ahead of the crannog of House Reed before hand, to prepare themselves in retaking the Moat Cailin.

Her fate is still unknown, but two of her daughters are with her.

The reply of letter by Lyanna Mormont to Stannis Baratheon is same in the books. Jon Snow wonder, why Lyanna should do that?

As she has three surviving elder sisters, she write it to scorn Stannis Baratheon.

Maege’s second daughter tells Asha while riding to Winterfell that, Lyra and Jory are with our mother.

So Lyanna by default is the acting lady of Bear Island, when her mother and sisters are away. As how Bran remain the acting lord of Winterfell, when his brother Robb Stark was not present to rule.

Even after sending the rejection letter, the Mormonts change their minds for supporting Stannis Baratheon.

Alysane Mormont leads an armed forces and appears unexpectedly while Stannis attacks the Ironborn at Deepwood Motte.

They assist him to liberate the castle cause he writes Jon afterwards.

and the other northern houses joins the Stannis with swear and joins to march at Winterfell.

Later Alysane is assign as one of the guards of Asha Greyjoy.

clash of kings

Clash of Kings doesn’t bring much out nearly of House Mormont in the part of first book.

Jeor continues to lead the Night’s Watch. He takes 300 men beyond the wall to investigate why the corpses are risisng from the dead.

Far from the wall, the King in the North leads his army towards Casterly Rock, the seat of House Lannister including Dacey and Maege Mormont.

All of them gets engage into the Battle of Oxcross and win.

After the victory, Lady Maege captures livestock in huge masses and take it back to the  Riverlands.

a feast for crows

House Mormont are barely mentioned in the Feast for Crows.

Maege’s second daughter Alysanne Mormont becomes the new heir of House Mormont after the death of her elder sister Dacey Mormont.

This is only the majo part in the books.

a dance with dragons

House Mormont has great part in A Dance with Dragons. Lyanna refuses its pledge to Stannis Baratheon due to their loyalty with House Stark.

Maege with two of her daughter, Lyra and Jorelle is still unknown.

The Deepwood is retaken by Stannis’s army and Alysanne joins to their march at Winterfell. She becomes the guard of Asha Greyjoy.


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