House Stark Family Tree [Complete Family And History Details]: Game of Thrones

House Stark Family Tree

Many Game of Thrones fans still questions on House Stark Family Tree that:-

Why there are few Starks in game of thrones tv series?

For a family living about 8000 years there must be countless number of Starks.

But in the current book story there are zero cousins. Only Bran and Rickon carry the name on House Stark family tree.

Benjen in the book is still a mystery. He gave up his title and family when he joined the Night’s Watch.

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When George R.R. Martin was asked by this question…

1. Why there are few Starks in game of thrones house stark family tree (TV series)?

He replies:-

Stark Family Tree 1

“There seem to be Lannisters and Frey’s under every rock, while Starks are very scarce.

2. Does Ned Stark not have any distant relatives who could claim winterfell?

He responds in a detailed explanation and says:-

“The Starks do not have distant relatives but the problem is:

3. How to define what you mean by relatives?

The Starks have some like Karstarks, who are their own family.

They are basically a house founded by a Son of House Stark.

But this was more than a thousands of years ago.

And the Starks have certainly married other families.

For e.g., it’s mentioned in the books that when Robb Stark believes that Bran and Rickon are dead. He has a conversation with his mother Catelyn soon after he’s married with Jeyne.

He needs an heir and it’s too soon for him to have a child yet.

And so he tells her he needs an heir, and Catelyn replies that there are near relations.

There’s a relation in the Vale, from an aunt (in the sense of a female relation in general, not necessarily of the previous generation) of yours. That’s your closest relative.

To that Robb says:

That there’s someone much nearer to him in terms of blood. And Catelyn insists these relations in the Vale are the nearest.

They’re both discussing a topic without being explicit about it.

It’s time that in recent times, House Stark have become quite scarce. There’s not many of them in the present generations.

Some may say it’s because of Ned’s siblings death. Brandon died before he had sons and Lyanna is also dead.

Benjen joins the Night’s Watch which means he doesn’t have descendents any either.

It might also have to do with their father, Rickard who was an only son. And I’d have to go back to my notes to see why he was the only child….

It is also true that there are many more Lannisters. It has to be taken into consideration that the north had frequent revolts and other such problems.

There have been rebels lord in the past. They have dealt with the Kings beyond the wall and the revolt of Skagos.

Everything else that’s occurrs in the last hundred years.

All of these things are a reason for why there aren’t so many Starks in the present as there were in the past?”

                                                                                                      –  end of answer

3. Starks comparison to other houses.

It is important  to remember  when we comparing the Starks with other large houses.  Houses like the Lannisters, Freys and Tyrells.

House Stark Family Tree 14

There are huge differences between  these families.

(a) House Lannister became extremely wealthy because all of their gold mines.

(b) House Tyrell have the largest population and the harvest.

(c) The Freys have bridge. This might  sounds dumb but they charge when anyone passes through it. So they became wealthy.

House Stark in the north don’t  have much.

So the question comes:-

Why there aren’t  any much Starks on house Stark family tree?

George R.R. Martin describes the Karstarks being relatives to House Stark.

This family is House Greystark. The reason is that their extinct.

Long ago when House Stark were still the King in the north. There was a character name King Jon Stark.

House Stark Family Tree 13

He has a castle built at the mountain of the White Knife. This castle was made to defend their attacks from the raiders.

The White Knife is just a river that flows to the South.

Younger sons and the others who want their line to inherit the throne lived and ruled over this castle called Wolf’s den.

If one of these Starks formed in House Greystark is Wolf’s den. They held it for 500 years.

The last Greystark died during the Bolton’s rebellion.

You will think that because they are related to Starks. The House Greystark will fight against the Boltons.

But they actually fight with the Boltons against their own family. Making them away from the House Stark Family Tree.

There aren’t details about this time period. So this is to say that the Greystarks wiped out from rebellion or died in battle.

Many other families ruled over Wolf’s den after their extinction.

The Karstarks have also troubled their name in keeping the loyalty for the Stark King.

Lord Rickard Karstark acted a line in the current TV series killing the Lannister boys. They were the hostage to Robb Stark.

5. Other relatives of starks

A 1000 years before the start of the story there was a character name Karlon Stark.

A younger son of King in the north.

Karlon defeated a rebellion against against his father and rewarded some lands for his actions.

House Stark Family Tree 12

He had a castle called Kushold built on the newly acquired land.

Overtime the Castle name changed to Karhold. And the Karhold rulers are known as the Karstark. They also move themselves from the House Stark family tree.

Their sigil is the white Sun with black background.

House Stark Family Tree 11

Their words are ‘The Sun of Winter’.

A reference of Karlon Stark being the Son of King Stark.

Since there are no Greystark in the series named in the north. I’m gonna make it out the detail of some Starks.

The current Karstark family has a few moments in the show

House Karstark went with Robb Stark to a war.

Jaime Lannister was able to kill two sons of Rickard Karstark.

Their names are Torrhen and Eddard. His elder son Harrion was captured.

Jaime was captured. However but Catelyn let him escape taking away the Rickard’s chance for Vengeance.

This makes the family went towards the Chaos.

Rickard betrays Robb by killing the Lannister boys who were Robb’s hostages for trade.

Rickard also killed the Tully’s guard who were watching over them.

Robb has to behead Rickard Karstark for his betrayal.

With Rickard’s death his oldest son Harrion becomes a new lord.

Since he is still captured his uncle left in charge in the meantime.

House Stark Family Tree 10

His uncle Arnolf is pretty too old. He was the only northern who bend the knee to Stannis Baratheon. When he was looking for the northern support.

He supported Stannis so that the Lannisters must kill Harrion who is heir to Karstark.

He did this because after then only Alyssa the youngest daughter will remain to rule the Karstarks.

Arnolf plans to force Alys to marry Cregan. So their son will be the true ruling Karstark.

Alys went away to Jon Snow at Castle Black. She told the Arnolf’s plans to him.

She wanted to make aware Jon Snow that Arnolf is actually loyal to the Boltons.

This shows that what kind of loyalty the Greystarks and the Karstarks kept with the Starks.

Now coming to get start with the view at:-

House Stark Family Tree (Complete Details)

The first known Stark is a historic founder Brandon the Builder.

The legend who construct the Wall and Winterfell thousands of years before the story begins.

But the House Stark family tree isn’t gonna start with him.

The complete lineage of ice and fire written in history only begins with Benjen Stark.

House Stark Family Tree 9

There are other known Starks like Torrhen Stark, who bend the knee to Aegon the conqueror.

Now the Benjen Stark born before the Aegon’s conquest between 1 AC to 129 AC.

House Stark Family Tree 8

Benjen marries Gillian Glover and Bennard with Margaret Karstark.

1. HOUSE Karstarks

House Karstarks are descendents of House Starks. It explains the resemblance in their names.

A thousands years ago Karlon Stark a younger Stark brother took care of the River lord.

He is reward with some lands by his father.

He build a castle Karhold and becomes a lord of House Karstarks.

2. CONTINUE with stark family tree

Bennard and Margaret has 3 sons Benjen, Brandon and Elric Stark.

House Stark Family Tree 7

Where as Rickon and Gillian has 1 son Cregon Stark. His marriage is with Lynara Stark.

Together they have 5 children Jonnel, Edric, Lyanna, Barthogan and Brandon Stark.

Cregon Stark is lord of Winterfell during dance of dragons.

He is known to as great swordsman and even march south to King’s landing in aid of the war.

Cregon becomes the Hand of the King during Aegon the third reign.

House Stark Family Tree 6

He even has more kids than we think. He marries with Arra Norrey and Alysanne Blackwood.

During his marriage Arra Norrey and Cregon has one son Rickon Stark.

And Alysanne and Cregon have all the daughters Sara, Alys, Raya and Maria.

Rickon marries Jeyne Manderly and has two daughters Serena and Sansa Stark.

Both of them marries their uncle.

Serena marries Edric and Sansa with Jonnel.

House Stark Family Tree 5

Jonnel’s brother Brandon marries with Alys Karstark. He has fun with Wyalla Fenn and have a bastard son Lonnel Snow.

Together with Lonnel, Brandon and Alys has 3 children Beron, Arsa and Rodwell Stark.

3. Beginning of house stark family tree population.

Beron marries Lorra Royee and populates the Starks.

House Stark Family Tree 4

They have 7 children. In one of 7 children Rodrick has a very different life.

He marries with a woman from mountain clan name Arya Flint.

The present Arya Stark is name after her only.

His nick name is The Wondering Wolf. The coolest nick name in the TV series.

Rodrick and Arya has two daughters Branda and Lyarra.

Houe Stark Family Tree 3

Lyarra marries with Rickard Stark the name we knows well.

5. THE current stark family tree in TV Series

Rickard is the father of Brandon, Eddard, Lyanna and Benjen Stark.

Rickard and his children stories are some of the tragic stories.

House Stark Family Tree 2

His elder son Brandon and daughter Lyanna shows lot of similar traits. They are short tempers and courageous.

Their nick names are The Wild Wolf and The She Wolf.

Eddard is known to be The Quiet Wolf. He is small and lot more shy than his brother Brandon Stark.

Eddard spends most of his childhood in the Eyrie and trains by Jon Arryn along with Robert Baratheon.

They grow up like brothers and sees Jon Arryn their second father.

Robert wants to marry Lyanna whereas Ned marries with Catelyn Tully.

But initially Catelyn is going to marry with Brandon Stark.

When Petyr Baelish finds out he challenge Brandon Stark for Catelyn Tully to whom he is madly in love.

Brandon hears that Lyanna has been captured by Rhaegar Targaryen and his mens.

This isn’t the first time Rhaegar does with Lyanna.

After winning the tournament at Harrenhall, Rhaegar declares Lyanna queen of eleven beauty.

A tradition that tournament winners do to someone they love.

Rhaegar is already married with Allia Martell for years and has two children.

Brandon Stark see as an insult. He rides to King’s landing for justice.

6. Inverse decision by mad king

But instead they all get arrest by the Mad King Arrys the second.

Arrys calls for their fathers at King’s landing.

When they come Rickard has to speak for their charges. Charges for his Son plotting Rhaegar’s murder and chose a trial by combat.

Arrys accepts and chose Fire as a Champion. Rickard is burn alive inside his armour. While Brandon watch. It gets very late for Brandon to protect his father Rickard Stark.

The Mad King isn’t done with it. He calls Jon Arryn to send the heads of Robert and Ned.

Instead together Robert and Ned start a rebellion against Mad King.

After Brandon’s death Catelyn marries Ned and gain Tully’s support.

Lyanna Stark was found dead at the Tower of Joy by Ned.

Benjen Stark understands the importance of the Night’s Watch and joins it.

After then Ned take Lyanna’s Son as his bastard Son Jon Snow.

At last Ned and Catelyn has 6 children. They are Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya and Rickon Stark including Jon Snow.


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