House Tyrell Family Tree [Complete Family and History Details]: Game of Thrones

House Tyrell

House Tyrell are powerful and wealthy family. It rules The Reach as Warden of the south.

House Tyrell 1

None of the others have the strength as they have. Due to their large population and harvest in Game of Thrones TV series.

Hello everyone, it’s Vinish Kumar and welcome back to TV series Reviews. Today in this post I’ll discuss the complete details of:-

Sigil     A golden rose on a green field

House Tyrell Family Tree 20

Words     “Growing Stong”

Founder     Alester Tyrell

Army Strength     100,000 approx

Vassals     House Tarly, House Hightower, House Florent, House Oakheart, House Redwyne, House Rowan, House Fossoway and House Merryweather.

Allegiance     House Targayen, House Baratheon and House Gadener

Place     The Reach

Seat     Highgarden

Titles     Wardens of the South, Lords Paramount of the Reach and Lords of Highgarden

"Luckily for us Tyrells, our blood runs quite warm"
     - Margaery Tyrell

House Tyrell Family Tree

1. During Aegon’s time

Few years ago before Aegon the conqueror, The Targaryens take the Westeros with their dragons.

While the Tyrells are only the stewards and the gardeners for the Kings.

House Tyrell serves as a gardener in the family at The Reach, before Aegon united the 7 Kingdoms.

During the process of uniting the Kingdoms, the gardener family becomes extinct trying to fight the Targaryens.

House Tyrell 2

Harlen Tyrell surrender to Aegon. And for that reason Aegon appoints him the Lord of The Reach.

Among the other Houses in the Reach, House Florent of  Brighwater keep, claims direct descent of the old Gardener Kings through male-line.

While House Tyrell only claim descent from the House Gardener through female-line.

Thoughout history House Tyrell has remain in the strategy of whoever is going to win the conflict.

In present time House Tyrell is a honest and family, with no internal rivalries like the House Lannister and the House Baratheon. So the relationships of the Mace with his childrens and Siblings are genuine.

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2. Other known king

House Tyrell along with the bunch of gardeners and the other houses, goes to Greenhand. A mythical King who said to be the first man on Westeros.

Harlen may have been the first Lord of The Tyrells.

But he isn’t the true house finder. It is the Alester Tyrell. An adventurer sworn as the shield of the gardener king.

Alester’s son is the very different from his father. He is the first high steward.

3. Olenna RedWyne

House Tyrell 3

Olenna may have marry into the House Tyrell. But she is the most prominent character, who is practically behind every decision making.

She earn a nickname Queen of Thorns because of quick and short personality.

House Red Wine is a powerful family in The Reach, with a very close tie to House Tyrell.

Even they also remain close the Greenhand.

House Red Wine are known for their best thing and that is:-

(a) Red Wine

4. Luthor Tyrell

Olenna marries Luthor Tyrell who is describes as a Queen of Thorns itself.

House Tyrell 5

Luthor died of riding on the cliffs while hunting.

Luthor is oldest of all 4 brothers. His brothers aren’t too important but accomplish.

Gormon is a maester and said to have replace maester Pycelle. Until Targaryens decides to keep maester Pycelle in power.

Lord Seneschal of Highgarden has a nickname Garth. This name is given for his gasy nature.

And Moryn is Lord Commander of Old City town watch.

Luthor’s two of his brothers have childrens like of all folks in the main branch. They have very little mention in the story.

Luthor and Olenna has 3 children Mace, Janna and Mina.

5. Mace Tyrell

Mace is the only name we recognise in House Tyrell.

He is the current notify Lord of Highgarden. He doesn’t have any great reputation.

Mace has taken the credit for Robert’s Retreat. But this isn’t true.

House Tyrell 4

Mace wasn’t in the battle. His Bannerman Randyll Tarley father of Samwell Tarley fights the Robert’s army and not much gets defeat either.

Robert retreats and meets up his ally Ned Stark.

He knew he hasn’t have any chance in The Reach. It has the largest population in Westeros.

Mace is kind of similar to Cersei. Both became very powerful in their family.

Mace wants his daughter Margaery to become a Queen. And he as the Hand of the King.

Both of these evantually comes true.

6. Other two sons of mace

Margaery and Loras aren’t the only children of Mace. There are also other two older sons of Mace:-

(a) Willas      (b) Garlan.

House Tyrell 6

Willas the oldest becomes cripple in the tourney against Oberyn Martell.

Oberyn knocks him out of his horse. But the horse fall on top of his leg and crushing it.

Even after the Tourney Willas and Oberyn becomes friends.

Because of his bad leg, Willas turn himself into reading and renown himself as one of the great reader in Westeros.

In this story Olenna plans to marry Sansa and Loras. But in the books its the Willas.

Tywin gets in the way and quickly marries Sansa to Tyrian and trying to marry Cersei to Willas.

Olenna comes in the way and says Cersei is too old in use.

House Tyrell 7

The second character Garlan the gallant.

Loras has always been known as a great warrior in House Tyrell. But he is just a skill person.

On the other hand Garlan has no interest in fame and glory unlike Loras. So he goes unnoticed.

After the Tyrells helps Lannisters defeating Stannis at Blackwater. Garlan is made the Lord of Brightwater Keep.

During the battle of Blackwater, Garlan dress himself in armour of Renly and scares the mens of Stannis as Renly’s ghost.

the important discussion is:-

How the Renly ends up with Tyrells support during the war with 5 kingdoms?

Loras squire for Renly when he is younger. It is a start of their taboo relationship.

It will be easy for Loras to convince back his family. He wants Margaery to marry Renly.

The marriage life of Renly doesn’t last longer.

After then Margaery marries Joffrey and Loras becomes the King’s guard. After then Margaery is very clear with Tommen who is perfect for Tyrells.

Cersei plans to remove Margaery for influencing and control over Tommen.

There are many other close relations of House Tyrell in the family.

In these I cannot make comments on them as they are not very popular in this TV series Reviews.

military strength

House Tyrell can raise an army of about 60,000 mens anytime. It is the second largest rich noble family in Westeros. Its army strenght is high in number, maybe House Lannister commands well over their armies.

This Tyrell family has remained unchanged much during the war of 5 kingdoms. So, it is clear that House Tyrell has more advantage than Lannisters in manpower.

Though Tyrell soldiers are far behind the Lannisters armies but they remain well equipped. This is due to the purchase of quality of swords and armours by Tyrell, through revenue generated from their fertile lands.

The Tyrells soldiers wear classic armours, some even wears golden and bronze armour upon them.

Despite their impressive onamentals designs of armours, their Vassals follows their motif (bright colour armour and steel plates). Mostly House Tarly uses red tunics on their armour which shows them they are from House Tyrell.


Relationships of house tyrell

(a) Lord Luthor Tyrell – Lord of Highgarden, Paramount of the Reach and Warden of the south. {Died during hunting}

(b) Lady Olenna of House Redwyne – Wife of Luthor Tyrell (presently a widow), called “Queen of Thorns”. {Poison herself after Highgarden fall by the Lannister army}.

(c) Lord Mace Tyrell – Son of Luthor and Olenna. Lord of Highgarden, Paramount of the Reach and Warden of the south. {Burnt alive by wildfire during the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor}.

(d) Lady Alerie – Wife of Mace Tyrell.

(e) Queen Margaery – Daughter of Mace and Alerie. She is a young and beautiful widow of Renly and Joffrey Baratheon. Lastly she was the wife of Tommen Baratheon. {Burnt alive by wildfire during the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor}.

(f) Loras Tyrell – Son of Mace and Alerie. Called as the “Knight of the flowers”. Famous for his youth, valour and skills. {Burnt alive by wildfire during the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor}.

Other houses sworn to house Tyrell
  • House Tarley of Horn Hill
  • House Redwyne of The Arbor
  • House Oakheart of Old Oak
  • House Leygood
  • House Hightower of Oldtown
  • House Fossoway of Cider Hall
  • House Florentine of Brightwater Keep
  • House Cut of Sun House
  • House Bulwer of Blackcrown
  • House Beesbury of Honeyholt
  • House Ashford of Ashford
Allies and vassals

– Lord Pextor Redwyne, lord of the Arbor

– Lord Randyll Tarley, lord of Horn Hill

In the books

In the book A Song of Ice and Fire, House Tyrell is a powerful noble house in Westeros.

The Reach is the most populous region in Westeros. Tyrells can place their largest army in Westeros. Maybe the Lannisters are rich, but they can only equip its army.

Due to this the Tyrells becomes the biggest allies.

House Tyrell never invade to any other houses, to rule themselves as Kings or queens.

Before Targaryens invasions, the Tyrells were the Stewards to House Gardener, the Kings of the Reach.

They have the responsibility of maintaining the castle of Highgarden. A royal power seat in the Reach.

During the battle of Field of Fire, King Mern IX Gardener and all of his issues was burned by the Aegon’s dragons.

Harlen Tyrell, steward of King Mern’s surrender the Hightower to Aegon. He gets rewarded with the title of Lord Paramount of The Reach and Warden of the south.

Thus the Tyrells always maintains its control over the Reach. But they always fear that they lose their grip on their rule.

House Tyrell posses fertile lands and due to this they can raise a large army. But there are other powerful noble families in the Reach, such as House Florent, which doesn’t respect the Tyrells much because they use to be their Kings.

That is why House Tyrell remains always into the look of Royal line marriage. To keep themselves strengthen with prestige and rule over the Reach.

The Martells and Tyrells have been remain as sworn enemy with each other. They fought border wars over centuries beyond count. Due to this The Dorne is counted among 7 Kingdoms.

The remaining Tyrell are (in books)
  • Mina Tyrell, Mace’s sister married to Paxter Redwyne.
  • Janna Tyrell, Mace’s sister married to Ser Jon Fossoway.
  • Garth Tyrell, Mace’s uncle. ‘Garth the gross’, Lord Seneschal of Highgarden. (a) Garse Flowers, Garth’s bastard son. (b) Garrett Flowers, Garth’s bastard son.
  • Moryn Tyrell, Mace’s uncle. Lord commander of the City Watch of Oldtown.
  • Ser (Luthor Tyrell), Moryn’s eldest son. Married to Elyn Norridge.
  • TheodoreTyrell, Luthor’s eldest son. Married to Lia Serry.
  • Elinor Tyrell, Theodore’s daughter. Handmaiden of Lady Margaery.
  • Luthor Tyrell, Theodore’s son. A squire.
  • Maestor Medwick, another son of Luthor’s.
  • Olene Tyrell, Luthor’s daughter. Married with Leo Blackbar.
  • Leo Tyrell, Moryn’s second son. ‘Leo the lazy’. Studying at Citadel.
  • Maestor Gormon, Mace’s uncle.
Distant relations of house house tYrell ( in books)
  • Quentin Tyrell, cousin of Mace. Slain at the battle of Ashford.
  • Olymer Tyrell, Quentin’s son. Married to Lysa Meadows.
  • Raymund Tyrell, Olymer’s eldest son.
  • Rickard Tyrell, Olymer’s second son.
  • Megga Tyrell, Olymer’s daughter. Handmaiden of Lady Margaery.
  • Maestor Normund, cousin of Mace. Currently is in service at Blackcrown.
  • Victor Tyrell, cousin of Mace. Slain by the smiling knight of the Kingswood Brotherhood.
  • Victaria Tyrell, Victor’s daughter. Widow of Jon Bulwer.
  • Alysanne Bulwer, Victaria’s daughter. The lady of Blackcrown.
  • Leo Tyrell, Victor’s son. Married to Alys Beesbury.
  • Alla Tyrell, Leo’s eldest daughter. Handmaiden of Lady Margaery.
  • Leona Tyrell, Leo’s second daughter.
  • Lyonel Tyrell, Leo’s eldest son.
  • Lucas Tyrell, Leo’s second son.
  • Lorent Tyrell, Leo’s third son.
Mention below the following names of sworn houses to house Tyrell, which are yet to appear in the series (in books)
  • House Rowan of Goldengrove
  • House Mullendore of Uplands
  • House Merryweather of Long Table
  • House Meadows of Grassy Vale
  • House Footly of Tumbleton
  • House Costayne of  Three Towers
  • House Crane of Red Lake
  • House Caswell of Bitterbridge
  • House Blackbar of Bandallon

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