Night King Heading to which place?: Game of Thrones

Today┬áI wanna have another discussion about why ‘The Others’ have returned? or more importantly where is the Night King heading? and what actually he wants?

What’s up ladies and gentlemens welcome back to another Game of Thrones season end prediction post and to TV series Reviews.

This is a very popular topic in our communities. I think it is a very important topic.

Considering we have been building toward this moment ever since the opening of the show in the TV series.

According to the Children of the forest we learn why the Night King was created in the very first place?

But it is not exactly clear why he has decided to come back now. And also we don’t know what he wants?

I guess what help the Night King actually spoke because he could tell us what he wants.

But I have a very good feeling he has something to do very big twist in the TV series.

These cannot be very specific but let us begin.

Where is the Night King heading and what actually he wants?


01 the Night King heading to stop Daenerys and her dragons

Night King heading 1

Obviously this is a song of Ice and Fire and there are many different ways to interpret this.

But we know the Night King symbolises ice and the dragon fire. And both of them cause a collision and it is just a matter of time before they collide each other.

We know that ‘The Others’ were active when Daenerys dragons were born. But there is also some evidence that the Night King may have some visions like Bran Stark.

We have seen the Night King interact with the Bran Stark while he was in the Weirwood.

So the Night King may could have some visions or maybe a flashback of his own.

So he may have known about Daenerys and her dragons and have even set a trap to kill one of them.

It sees that Daenerys dragons continues to grow. While the others have become more and more active.

And perhaps the Night King heading to take out all of the dragons.

The Night King may sees the dragons as a weapon who may terminate the most its kind.

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02 The Night King heading to rule the world

Night King heading 2

This is the one thing that motivates in the story. So perhaps the Night King heading to do the same thing maybe to claim the iron throne for self.

The Night King surely sees himself as a superior in humans and he wants the position of his own kind.

He may want to whip the world with all the humans. And claims the planet for himself and for his army.

Daenerys did have the vision for the the iron throne covered in snow and looks like the city was destroyed.

There was also in season 07 premier shown that Cersei was sitting on the iron throne. And it was too cold that you can see the breath that went directly into the Night King’s eye.

03 The Night King is fleeing the north

The Night King heading with his army to flee from something that is even more even more dangerous for themselves.

This is an idea that I think too many people won’t suspect that this is going to happen.

Night King heading 3

We all led to believe that ‘The Others’ are the scariest and the most dangerous creatures in the realm. Other maybe the dragons.

But the thought of Night King is actually something as ever been revealed would be terrifying.

How crazy would it be if the reason why they brought down the wall and comes south.

Not because trying to invade westeros but because they are trying to find the shelter from some other enemy in the north.

Every person in westeros sees the other as the enemy. But what if they are looking for the safe place to live as well.

I know this is stretch because there have been many. So this bring the case but it is wonderful to think about.

04 Broke of Ancient Pact

I have always believed this is the reason why the Night King has returned?

When ‘The Others’ came first time during the long night there was legendary figure he known as the LAST HERO.

Night King heading 4

In order to stop the others in defeating mankind the last hero set with his companion in order to find out the children of the forest. So they could defeat the others together.

The last hero eventually found the children of forest and somehow they got the road to end. But no one really don’t know what they did in the long night.

‘The Others’ couldn’t have been completely defeated because they had returned without any evidence of them being created again.

So they must have come to some kind of argument.

The children of forest did agreed to the part before what the first men thinking.

They have made some kind of pact with ‘The Others’ of fighting to stop again.

But something must have happened since then to cause the Night King to activate the soldiers again.

05 the Night King wants to stop the Azhor Ahai

Night king heading 8

If the legends are true Azhor Ahai was the hero able to defeat the darkness thousands of years ago.

And according to Melissandre Azhor Ahai will be reborn. And he is the only hope of defeating the Night King.

There are many different theories who the legendary figure may be. But perhaps the Night King has also seen in his eyes.

In order to save his own race of inhuman. The Night King may know that this figure may be reborn.

So he spend the last few decades to create a large army. And now the Night King has the dragon of his own.

06 The Night King looking for its Night Queen

I know many people believed that the Night King heading in looking for a Night Queen.

Now the Night King is no longer getting any sacrifice from Craster. He may need a Night’s Queen more than ever.

The original Night King was in the book who was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. And one day he met with a women who is described as a female ‘Other’.

Together they ruled the wild for 13 years. And it is said when he gave his the seed he gave her the soul.

And the Night King and the Queen started to make the sacrifice of his own. Until one day they were defeated.

Perhaps the Night King we know today is trying to do the same thing.

Some people even say that the Night King heading to flee the original Night Queen who is imprisoned in Winterfell.

07 The Night King wants the Gilly’s baby

We all know that this is personally very true. Craster was sacrificing his sons to ‘The Others’ for years.

According to Craster he had ninety nine sons and Gilly’s son is going to be the 100th.

Night King heading 5

‘The Others’ intended on taking the the Gilly’s baby. But as we also know that the sam killed the white walker that comes for the little Sam.

So we know that the Night King did want the babies out in one time. But we didn’t not know if this what motivated the Night King to mobilize his army.

They were already killing people before she gave birth. But things has to intensify that Gilly took her son with Sam out of the wall.

Night King heading 4

There are theories which says that Gilly’s baby comes from a special bloodline.

Because his father Craster may be blood Raven’s son and this could have something to do. While the Night King was taking only the Craster’s sons.

When the Night King killed the Blood Raven it seems something personal. And may be he was taking from his blood line some form of revenge from the children of forest.

I would love to know if any crazy theory you may have.
Anyways thanks for reading the post.
See you all in the next post.



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