Night King Visions [Through Weirwood tree]: Game of Thrones

Hi everyone, welcome back to TV series Reviews for another Game of Thrones season 08 end prediction theory. Today I will discuss about the past life that Night King Visions through Weirwood tree.

I want to say few things off that I’m not sure what to call this. But you need to know this is just a prediction theory.

I just want to talk about the things which I doubt can happens.

Whatever I wanna talk about is:-

What would be like if Night King visions through weirwood tree and flashbacks to its Past life?

Whenever we are watching the show, the books. Everything takes place to the eyes one of the character.

What could be really interesting if Night King Visions through the Weirwood tree and watch all his past. Or even one of it’s white walkers.

1. weirwood tree

Night King Visions 11

I was recently watching an episode of Game of Thrones. When white walkers taking the Craster’s son to the lands of always winter.

So the Night King turned the baby into a white walker. During the scene, we actually see few glimpses through the eyes of white walkers and the Night King.

As I was watching I started to think other possibilities. I think I could make things a little more interesting.

It’s safe to say that most of us wanting to learn more about white walkers and the Night King.

There were pretty much more things to introduce in the books and show. So far all we know about white walkers are thousands of years old.

They were created to protect the Children of Forest from the first men. Who waged a war against them ever since they arrive.

However the white walkers eventually broke free from Children of Forest’s control. He became the most feared creature in Westeros. Posing a threat to everything living.

8000 years before Robert’s rebellion. The longest winter in history fall on the entire world. And last the whole generation with darkness and the cold of the long night.

White Walkers descended upon the Westeros from the far north. Killing everyone in their path. Creating the whites from the dead to serve them as foot soldiers.

Eventually the people of Westeros rival against them. In a conflict known as the War For The Dawn.

They were able to beat the white walkers. And drive them back into the lands of always winter.

1. gate of the wall.

Night King Visions 10

With the help of giants and the Children of Forest the wall was raised. So that to defend themselves from white walkers return.

The Night’s Watch was formed to guard the wall. So that the mysterious creature won’t come back again. After then the white walkers became the legend for thousands of years.

For now they have returned. And we don’t know why? We do know that Night King and white walkers are very powerful.

Their arrival are usually accompanied by storms and dropping of temperature. They can also freeze whatever they touch.

One of the white walker was able to to freeze Sam’s sword to the point. White Walkers also have the superhuman strength. As one managed to toss Samwell Tarley to several feet away. After he bit slapped Sam.

The white walkers also carry their own swords and spears made from magical ice crystal.

2. Awakening of dead by the Night King.

Night King Visions 8

However one of their deadly ability is to re-enemy the dead as their servants known as whites. They are actually capable of reviving any dead animal as a white. As a few white walkers have been seen riding on dead horses.

In recently we have seen an undead polar bear and now a dragon.

I also believe they have other power that are yet to be fully revealed. And this is mostly based on how a Night King was created?

We finally saw the creation of Night King. But it still left so many things unanswered.

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3. Creation of Night King.

Night King Visions 7

When the Children of Forest captured a man. They tied it to the Weirwood tree. Then one of the child shoved the dragon glass into his heart. Which turned him into a first white walker. Who has now known as the Night King.

The only problem is we don’t know if he is the same Night King we see today. The man who was tied to the Weirwood tree was the same Night King?

There was painting on the Dragonstone that shows the Night King in beard.

4. Painting of the Night King at Dragonstone.

Night King Visions 6

Now the Night King is active again. We need to find out:-

what is motivating him?

Is he still seeking out to eliminate mankind?

The white walkers and their rapidly growing army has became a major in series since the series began.

Now the season 07 is end. Still it didn’t got much explanation as to why the Night King is waging a war against people of Westeros?

The reason for killing every living on its path could be the same like Cersei. Maybe he just want to have much power which he possibly can obtain.

He can also be doing this for the entire different reason the show hasn’t explore yet.

As of right now we are gonna learn much more about the Night King. This information must comes through Sam and Bran.

We know Sam is trying to find out the answer about Night King. And before he left the Citadel he stole several old books from the library.

5. Bran and Sam’s MEETING.

Night King Visions 5

And now I bet they have some information about the others.

We also know Bran is looking from past and see pretty much event in history. Thanks to Bran we are able to know how Night King was created?

Now the Bran and Sam has teamed up. And mostly teamed up for the skills on How to stop the Night King? So to wipe them from entire realm.

What if get some of the exposition from the nigNi King itself?

I fully believe this would be a new fascinating layer they could add in the final season. Or at least add in some of the episodes.

I know people have always wondered, if the White Walkers has some kind of Culture. We know they are organized to a certain extent.

But how organized are they?

Do they have their own Smith? Who creates all the weapons and armour.

Do they plan up their attacks by placing just pieces of on a large map?

Who takes care of all the white walker babies? Or do they immediately grow to adults after getting touched by the Night king?

These are some of the things we’ll never know. Unless we can get a glimpse into their day to day activities. This leads me to some of their thoughts about seeing things on Night King’s point of view.

Now I personally believe the man who has turned into a Night King was a Stark. Not only he is a Stark but he is also a Green Seer and a Worg. Just like Bran Stark.

This might be the reason the childrens decided to turn the man into a magical ice weapon. The children may have used him because he was a powerful Worg.

They need someone that could control an entire army. Because the children were outnumbered.

I have always think that’s why their eyes turned blue just like kids.

But what makes even threat is the possibility of maybe he is a Green Seer. If he is a Green Seer before children caught him. Then they probably need a Green Seer when they used their magic to turn him into a Night King.

Since he was created by the children of forest. It makes sense to me that he would be tapping into same power source like Bran.

6. When the Night King touches Bran.

Night King Visions 4

It is most likely the cause that Night King maybe able to interact with Bran inside the Weirwood tree.

Ever since I saw the Night King reach out the Bran. I have been solved on the idea that the Night King is also a Green Seer. And he uses the Weirwood tree system just like the Bran does.

But I think he is more powerful than Bran because he has thousands of years to train. Thanks to all of the Bran’s dreams and visions. Which explained to us this way.

We first saw the Three Eyed Raven in one of Bran’s dreams. And we have seen all kinds of things when Bran taps into the Weirwood net.

Most notably we saw the birth of Jon Snow. Which confirmed his parents were Rhaegar and Lyanna. Making Jon Snow confirm the Song of Ice and Fire.

Just imagine if we are able to see some things that Night King Visions. When he goes into the Weirwood tree.

He has been using this somehow because he was able to set a trap for Bran. Which allowed to gain access to Three Eyed Raven’s cave and kill him.

What if the Night King has been getting visions too?

What if the Night King knew when to become active? And prepare to head south?

All of us been wondering What caused the Night King to start attacking again?

Did he see something in a vision that motivated him to organize all of them as soldiers? 

7.  Night King’s mighty power.

Night King Visions 1


Some people think it was the birth of the dragons. Other people think it was the birth of Daenerys or the birth of Jon Snow.

The Night King have been made aware of a major event. Which motivated him enough to start forming a massive army.

Imagine if season 08 begins with the cold open. And we see the Night King’s entire army. Kind how the season 07 started.

We saw the Night King’s army moving to south. This time we could see the Night King Visions through his eyes. Instead having the camera In front of him.

It will be amazing if the episode begins like this. And we will be inside the Night King’s head looking through his eyes.

We can see Night King Visions when he walks up to a Weirwood tree in the north. When he places the hand on the tree and began to download visions. Just like Bran does.

Now we could finally see What the Night King wants?

Imagine if he places his hands on the tree and we see his entire life flashes before his eyes.

If the Night King is a Stark. Then he could begin with being at Winterfell or some places in the North when Night King Visions. We can see what causes the Children of Forest to pick him.

Does he comes from a special bloodline?

Was he already a green seer?

That’s why the Children captured him because of some power in him. And it will be more interesting then it getting just from Bran.

In Night King Visions when we see him as a man. Then we could see him break free from Children of Forest.

The children created him to be their weapon. But something happened that caused them to loose control.

Now imagine if we could see when Night King Visions and get what’s inside there? Then we could find out How Craster was able to make a deal with him?

Did Craster find out the way to communicate with the Night King?

Is Craster  related to the Night King somewhere?

Since this is the last season. We need some answers to some of the wrong standing mysterious surrounding the Night King.

After we get filled in with some more of his back stories. Then we could start seeing the Night King Visions through Weirwood tree. And what causing him to move south this point in time?

Did the Night King know Rhaegar and Lyanna were eventually get together? And created a baby.

Did the Night King know that Daenerys is going to born And she eventually hatch eggs?

Maybe it’s all connected to Bran. Is the Night King receiving visions where Bran is all the times? Or perhaps we can be getting the Night King Visions to be seen. And we can see Bran sitting on a wheelchair at the heart tree in Winterfell. Then we would know that’s what he is after.

If Bran is his main target then he has something to do with Jon and Danny’s baby.

The Night King uses baby a sacrifice. So maybe Jon and Danny are good to hand because they already grown to adults.

8. Jon and Daenerys.

Night King Visions 2

All the time people thought that it’s the birth of Daenerys or Jon. Which caused Night King Visions and power awakening.

But what if he is actually after their child?

Jon and Daenerys are the special characters. But when we combine these two it could create a Super Baby.

The Night King really wants to get his hands on. The Night King was active before Jon and Danny was born.

He could have received the visions which he saw years ago. Which motivated him enough to know slowly getting into the right time.

It would be really interesting if he could use some of the story through his eyes. Because I would love to see what he is seeing when he goes to Weirwood tree.

In one of Night King Visions he must have seen that Jon and Daenerys are heading to Winterfell.

There are honestly some of the possibilities I would love to explore. We have already seen things through the eyes of good guys.

But I would love to get a different perspective on all advance taking place. Just thought it will be cool way to give some to the questions we have.

Let me know what you think about the Night King doing something like this.
Would you like to take a peek inside when Night King visions or you find the way things going?
I also want to thanks everyone for continue supporting my posts.





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