Reason behind Rollo’s Return: Vikings

Hey it’s Vinish Kumar welcome back to TV series Reviews and I know it’s finally the time we talk about Rollo’s return in this coming season 06 of Vikings.

So of course Rollo’s actions has made big changes in the latest season of Vikings. And this character is actually coming into the boat in the episode 10 of season 05. It is very clear that this is just going to started.

Reason behind rollo’s return

Let us look Rollo as a character. His history, motivations and actions of his points. And what could he be doing in coming seasons?

1. Rollo’s History

All the way in season 01 to 04 we saw an amazing relationship between Rollo and Ragnar. Rollo has been up in the air to every characters.

Rollo's Return 2

His loyalty is tested in every part of season. Whether it’s the Earl, Jarl Borg or the King of France. People have always been trying to make a difference between Rollo and Ragnar.

Ragnar would trust Rollo with his knife not with power he knew the relationship between with Rollo he had. He know he will always fight, protect and go wherever with him.

But he had betrayed him because he had always been remain in the shadow of Ragnar. Because Ragnar’s achievements, glory, fame, kingdom  everything he did made him the famous.

But Rollo did actually big actions to bring Ragnar in the spotlight.

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2. Rollo’s Motivation

Rollo has a deep love for Lagertha.

Now Lagertha is really important for entire huge war is going down. Ivar always trying to revenge his mother’s death. Bjorn trying to protect her, Haraldson wants to overthrow her.

So Rollo is trying to back Ivar, Hvitserk and Harald.

Now it’s a quite nice seen between Bjorn and Lagertha back in season 01. When Ragnar explains Bjorn how he came to meet his mother and earned her love. And also he had to fight off a bear and great hound.

Now many people interprets to bears symbolises Rollo and the hound symbolises Lagertha’s father. And we look to Vikings we can clearly saw what is paralised with the bear over and over again?

3. Rollo’s Achievements

Now Rollo lose to a very old age. When he becomes a quite successful one of the most famous Vikings in all the history. More famous than Ragnar.

Rollo's Return 3

Near the end of his death when he was quite old he really hedged his bits for the after life.

It is said that he has really how much doubts for the Christianity. His faith end his death. And so he killed 10,000 people as a sacrifice to ODIN and gave 10,000 pounds of gold to the church. That way he was good either way.

In history it is said that Rollo got baptised many times. Because when we get baptised we are given a white clothes.

The whole reason he joined the religion and go baptised in the first place was for the promise of land that Frankish gave them.

And this is what happens when we saw him go afterwards in adventure with Bjorn. And now again with civil war.

So the history powered out all, this will be the last war of Rollo. It will be the last action in the series and the end of this chapter.

4. Rollo’s actions

so why did rollo chose to fight against lagertha and bjorn?

The reason is Hvitserk.

Rollo's Return 1


Now this would have taken us to surprise because the very undeveloped Hvitserk.

When Hvitserk came to France he talked with him. He made some plans with him, understands the stories and struggles.

Hvitserk would have been one of those stuff that inspired him to back in the Vikings world. To contribute his troops and make the change.

Rollo loves Bjorn very much. Bjorn Ironside was to be his trainee and was much respected.

Ubbe on the other side also got fame and respect. And Ivar of course chosen by Ragnar. Ivar has the support of its army.

But Hvitserk is stuck in the middle. Rollo sees himself in Hvitserk. The way he is always overshadowed by his brothers. Hvitserk has three people to compete with it.

There is no other way without Rollo’s support he would be in the picture at all.

And so I believe that Hvitserk and him had made lots of  plan in the future. In fact Rollo backing him not Ivar and Ubbe. And may be he backing him to get him even a kingdom.

So basically this means that Rollo will makes Hvitserk character finally interesting. And this could be the last tribute that Rollo giving to this Viking world.

So of course Rollo has some other things need to be tie up before he closes out his character.

5. other reason behind rollo’s return

There is a hint of possibility that Bjorn is Rollo’s son not Ragnar’s.

It’s just Rollo believing this not really actually with the history gonna go with. But its the Vikings gonna go with. But its cool anyway.

So I think is that the Rollo definitely have to go and meet Lagertha. He wants to say the last good byes and move on with each other.

But Bjorn does have great history with Rollo. Whether he was his son or not. He has a lot of history with him. He was with his uncle throughout its life.

Rollo raise Bjorn, trained him and gave tribute to him. He had a great living with Bjorn.


So now my prediction for Rollo’s return is that he wants to reconnect with the Norse Gods. And finds his connection back again.

Rollo's Return 5


He wants to offer lands to the Norsemen and there after he wants to solve this civil war.

He will be a key figure to solve this civil war. Now he is the only head person best warrior in the community. And also carrying a great power with itself. With this he can now easily solve any dispute of anyone.

Make sure to tell me your thoughts on Rollo’s return in the comment box section below. Along with your thoughts his relationship with Bjorn and Lagertha and the entire Viking world.


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