Game of Thrones Season 8 [Complete Plot]

Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 1

A Dream of Spring

We see all the causes of the realm destroyed by the white walkers and the Night King sitting on the Iron Throne. It’s Bran Vision of how Westeros will end up if they don’t win this war (in season 8).

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 1

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen get married in White Harbor. They claim that it is to make the northern lords accept their alliance more easily, but it really is for love.

The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings arrives in Winterfell (they will be useless in Castle Black) lead by Tormund and Beric. They informs Sansa that the Wall has fallen, but Bran already knew.

Jaimie is on his way to Casterly Rock when Bronn finds him and tells him that he is coming too, because he doesn’t trust Cersei.

Qyburn is examining the remains of the Wight when he is informed that the golden company has arrived. He tells Cersei and she commands them to go to the throne room.

Cersei pays the golden company. Their commander vows to Cersei that she shall have Daenerys’ head, and all her allies dead, while he tells the story of the Backfire’s, and how they have no love for the Targaryen’s.

Euron tries to move on Cersei, but she refuses him and says the war is not over yet, and she is pregnant. Euron becomes angry. He feels betrayed by Cersei, so he decides to sail back to Iron Islands.

He returns to silence and speaks with Yara. He tells her that he will wait out the great war on the Iron Islands, and when the dead have won he will use the ancient magics he has learned on his travels to bind them to him and be their king.

This reveals how crazy he really is…

Jon Snow and Danny arrives at Winterfell in a very similary scene to when Robert and the Lannisters arrived there in the first episode.

Some lords are reluctant to bend the knee to Daenerys, but Jon tells them she’s done and convinces them. Sansa is also a bit frustrated, but does not object as she understands that survival will comes first

Then Jon goes inside with Arya, Sansa, and Bran, and they have their with him. They speak of this war and everyone Jon has lost.

Jon tells her about Ned and his brothers Robb and Rickon. He even tells her about Ygritte. Finally, they speak about Rhaegar and Lyanna.

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 1, 1

Sam is reading the books he stole from the Citadel. He reads the story of a mysterious king of the First Men, who ruled over Westeros, until he was betrayed and murdered by his son.

After that the Long Night had started for the first time. Jon Snow comes to see him and tells him to come to the  Great Hall. Sam doesn’t have time to tell Jon the truth of his parentage.

Jon Snow gives orders to  prepare Winterfell’s defenses. Jon and Tyrian talk in the same place where they first met.

They talk about Jon and Dany’s marriage, he thinks some lords may see him as a traitor and asks Jon if he loves Dany, even if he already knows the answer.

Jon doesn’t respond. Dany has felt some stomach ache and the Maester of Winterfell tells her she is pregnant.

Theon arrives at the Iron Islands to find them almost empty. His uncle Aeron is on Pyke. Theon takes him captive.

Jaimie arrives at the Casterly Rock and goes to the dungeons where he finds Edmure Tully. Jaimie feeds him and lets him have a bath.

Jaimie promises that if the Tully army comes with him north (Cersei controls the Lannister army) Edmure shall have the Riverlands back. If he doesn’t he will kill them all.

He accepts. Sansa and Tyrian reunite and speak of everything that has happened to them.

Bran and Sam take Jon to the crypts, so no one hears them. They finally tells him the truth.

We see the Last Hearth fall to the White Walkers.

Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 2

I am the Storm

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 2

Jon Snow is confused by what Sam and Bran just told him and doesn’t know what to do with it. Jon goes to talk to Dany and tries to tell her, but she reveals that she’s pregnant and Jon can’t bring himself to do it.

Arya Stark reunites with Gendry and the Hound.

Cersei commands the Golden Company to take back the south and orders Qyburn to create more wildfire and ballistas for the dragons. Qyburn informs her that the other experiment is going well.

We see a montage of the Golden Company taking back the castles in the south, including Dragonstone.

Jaimie arrives at Winterfell with Edmure, Bronn, and the Tully forces. At first, they don’t trust him, Brienne stands up for him.

Jaimie gives the Starks Widows Wail to prove that he is worthy, and he confesses that he thrown the Bran out the window and asks for forgiveness.

Bran forgives him, and tells him that if he hadn’t pushed him his third eye wouldn’t have opened, but the northern lords are unhappy about this.

One of them takes out a sword and menaces him, but Jon orders him to stop. Jaimie informs them about Cersei’s betrayal.

Tyrian is disappointed, but not surprised, then Varys tells them that Cersei controls the south again.

Daenerys is angry and wants to do something about it, but Tyrian and Jon tell her there is nothing she can do.

Complete Season 8 Outline 4

Jon asks Sansa and Arya what to do with the information he has, and they tell him that the honorable thing to do is to tell everyone.

Sam is reading and finds out that there was Valyrian steel sword forged in Westeros thousands of years ago. He tells Bran to have a look.

Bran sees that it is forged using dragon fire, dragon glass and steel. They ask Gendry if he could forge one and Dany if she could provide the fire.

They forge the first Valyrian Steel sword in centuries.

Jaimie is checking their plans to defend Winterfell with Tyrian, when Jon calls everyone to the Great Hall and tells the truth.

Dany is angry and confused. She doesn’t want to belive him, but Bran tells her things that only she knew, she has no other option than to belives them.

Some northern lords are also angry and leave Winterfell saying that they won’t fight together with Lannisters and Targaryens. Jon says he has no interest on the Iron Throne, but Dany leaves flying with Drogon.

Rhaegal stays and cries for his mother. Word reaches Winterfell that the Last Heart and Karhold have fallen.

They have no other choice than prepare their defenses and hope Dany returns in time.

A letter from Cersei also arrives saying that the help is coming, but Jaimie doesn’t belives it and throws the letter to the fire.

Eurone Greyjoy arrives at the Iron Islands and finds Theon beside the Seastone Chair. Theon challenges him to 1 x 1 combat.

At first Euron is reluctant, but Theon convinces him by asking if he is afraid. They fight in the same place where the Kingsmoot took place while a big storm starts.

It’s a long fight, but finally Theon wins as Euron falls to his death into the Ocean, saying something among the lines that he is immortal.

He can’t die, and then with his last breath before falling, he orders Yara killed and so it happens. Theon can’t save her, but he takes the head off the man who killed her, with one clean stroke.

Yara tells Theon he should be the king of the Iron Islands. Theon givens an epic speech and becomes the king, no longer afraid or weak, no longer Reek.

Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 3


The Army of the Dead is seen at the horizon by Jon Snow. The signal is given for everyone to go to their places.

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 3

The army of dead is here, and Daenerys is nowhere to be seen. They chain Rhaegal inside the walls so the Night King can’t have him.

The unsullied and the Dothraki will fight in the open field, and the Northmen will stay close to the walls of Winterfell, and the Tully men and the Night’s Watch will man the walls.

They all have the dragon glass weapons and a few of them even have Valyrian Steel. The archers will use fire arrows. GreyWorm gives a goodbye kiss to Missandei, fearing that he might die.

A big battle begins.

There are lots of epic moments: Jaime and Brienne fighting together, Tormund saving the Hound, Arya uses her skills to fight White Walkers, Jon leading the fight in the field, Greyworm’s death, Wight giants, Viserion burning people, and ice spiders as big as hounds.

Inside the walls of Winterfell, Sansa, Tyrian, Missandei, Davos, and Varys are watching the battle.

They see GreyWorm’s death, and Sansa and Davos try to comfort Missandei.

Varys says they are going to lose.

Tyrian wants to know how he knows. Varys looks scared, but answers, the  flames told me, when I was cut.

Sam and Bran are in the Crypts of Winterfell and they find a secret passage out of Winterfell where they could all escape if need be.

Bran senses that there is something more down there and he needs to see it. Sam tells him that they can’t because the way is blocked, then Bran tries to use his powers to see but fails.

The Army of the Dead starts to win and advance. The living are losing.

Most of the main characters return to the safety of Winterfell, but Jon and Beric Dondarrion are surrounded by Wights.

The Night King comes down to kill them, it seems that he wants to do himself.

Beric faces him and hits him with a Valyrian Steel sword but it shatters. Then he grabs a dragon glass dagger from the floor and stabs him, but it also breaks, and the Night King kills him.

Jon is terrified, and realises it won’t be so easy to stop him. Rhaegal frees himself, and comes down to help Jon.

Jon escapes on the dragon, but must leave Ghost behind who also dies.

In Winterfell everyone is escaping by the secret passage. There is no way to win this fight, but they realize that they won’t go far if the dead follows them, so some men must stay behind.

The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings stay.

Jaimie decides to stay and lead them. He says goodbye to Tyrian. Jaimie is all black except his golden hand which he gives to Brienne.

Brienne objects saying the Jaimie swore an oath to fight beside them, not to  die for them. Jaimie responds by saying, then I’ll have to be an oath breaker to the end of my days.

The tunnel leads them to a hill from which you can see Winterfell, in the distance.

Tormund says he never imagined dying fighting side by side with Crows. Jaimie commands the Night’s Watch.

They try to take down many as many Wights and White Walkers as possible, but he dies, honorably. Eventually the castle falls and is burned by Viserion.

Only the crypts remain.

Jon arrives to the hill as they watch Winterfell burn. Sansa is crying, and everyone is in a depressive mood as they start their own down the Kingsroad.

Only a few thousand men have survived and are generally very hurt. There is  no hope left.

The dream of Spring has died.

Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 4

The Long Night

Melisandre enters the Temple of R’hllor in Volantis. She speaks with Kinvara and tells her the Great Other has returned to bring death upon us all.

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 4

She asks for a look in the great fire, and reinforcements to bring to Westeros. Kinvara agrees.

Melisa looks into the great flames. She looks sad, but hopeful (We don’t know what she is seeing).

Our heroes and what’s left of their army march south by the Kingsroad, as fast as they can, even if they really don’t know where to go.

Some men are deserting, and some are even dying. Everyone is giving up.

Jon Snow says, they fought, and they lost, but Sansa steps up and tells them now is not the time to mourn.

Right now, they need to survive and defeat the Night King and that the only way to do it is to go to King’s Landing and try to make a new alliance with Cersei.

Tyrian agrees and they all decide to go the capital. Qyburn shows Cersei all the ballistas and wildfire, and his new invitation.

It’s a horn that lets him control the  Wights. He shows a demonstration with Wright’s remains. Word reaches them at the Winterfell has fallen.

Cersei smiles.

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 4, 1

Theon hears of the fall of Winterfell and decides to sail to King’s Landing. He thinks that if there is another battle against the dead it will be there.

While they are all going the Kingsroad, they find a Priest who tells them he is going to the Isle. They tell him what’s coming, but he says the gods will protect them.

He also tells them if anyone who want to atone for their sins are welcomed there at any time. The Hound looks at him. Jon and company find Dany and Drogon on their way south.

At first, they are angry, because she left, but then they notice she is full of blood.

Dany tells Jon she’s had a miscarriage and that she is sorry it doesn’t matter. He loves her now, and always, eveny if they are related.

Jon bends the knee before her, even if he already did that, to prove that he is not interested in the throne.

Along the way Bran says he must go the  Isel of Faces, that he must see. Sam and a little escort bring him there.

Sam and Bran find the last living member of the Children of the Forest on the Isle. Bran enters a vision.

He sees a king of the First Men, and a Prince, the one Sam was talking about in episode 1 who rule over all of the Westeros before the times of the Iron Throne.

The realm was having Children of the forest attacks, so the king sends the prince to search for the Children to find who they had made a pact of peace with a few years before.

When he arrives, the Children betray him and turn him into the Night King, his wife into the Night Queen, and their escorts into the White Walkers.

So, the first Long Night begins. The Army of the Dead make it to the castle of the king, and the prince (Night King) kills his father, but he hesitates a bit before doing it, showing that he is still inside.

Later the armies of men defeat them, but they can’t kill the Night King or Queen. They trap the Night Queen in the Crypts of Winterfell and exile a weakend Night King to the Lands of Always Winter.

They build the Wall to keep him out. He takes 8000 years to grow strong again and have a sizeable army.

Bran also sees the Night King walking through the Crypts of Winterfell. He enters the section that was blocked, and starts going deeper.

Finally he finds the Night’s Queen, his wife, but she dies in front of him because of the heat of Winterfell’s hot springs.

He arrived late, and Bran realizes that if they had given his wife back this whole war would get her back, but at least he can get back his rightful place as king of Westeros.

At the end the villain was just the hero of the other side, trying to get his wife back, but now he wants revenge and rule this entire continent for which he realizes that nowadays, you need the Iron Throne.

This would make the Night King the ultimate player in the Game of Thrones, which would make sense thematically as this whole show has been about power and who gets the throne, so it would be a bit weird if the final adversary had nothing to do with any of that.

Bran says he can provide more help here than any other place because the Weirwoods augment his  powers.

The Children of the Forest start praying all around him to make him even more powerful.

Jon thanks Rhaegal for saving him and bonds with him a little more. Dany tells Jon to mount him.

Jon Snow does, and so he is flying again, but this time he has control over the  dragon. Jon comes down and reflects about the fact that the dragon is named after his father (Rhaegar)

This still confuses Jon Snow as he doesn’t seem to know who he is. They arrive at King’s Landing.

Cersei is standing on the painted map. She can see the dragons flying to the city. Cersei goes to the Throne Room, and sits high above them all while they walk into the Room.

Cersei is surprised that they survived and welcomes them. She is upset that Sansa and Arya Stark are also with them. She calls them the Wolf Whores. They end up making a new alliance.

Cersei easily cooperates, the Golden Company will fight beside them, and  they’ll have all her resources available. She tells them of the horn Qyburn has created.

She tells them that earlier Theon Greyjoy and the Ironborn had arrived. They see the Iron Fleet and talk with Theon.

After all the rest have left, Theon thanks Jon about the council he gave him at the end of Season 7. He says to Jon that he can be a Targaryen and a Stark. Jon smiles, and leaves.

Tyrian and Cersei speak. She hears about Jaimie’s death. They drink some wine for him.

Varys speaks with a little bird, and questions him about Cersei and Qyburn. He promises him sweets and tells him to stay hidden. If they win this war, he will need his help.

Everyone gathers in the room of the small council and prepares plans to defend the city. Tyrian suggests placing wildfire pots in the surroundings of the city so they can burn the Wights when they arrive.

They will place ballistas on the walls, with dragon glass tips. The ironmen will also shoot them from the ships.

Garrisons of men will be prepared to step into the field once the wildfire has exploded. Some of them will even ride elephants.

Jon and Daenerys will fight from the air with dragons. They receive a raven from Bran, saying that he will stay at the God’s Eye.

Cersei has a secret meeting with the  commander of the Golden Company, and tells him once the dead are defeated, he wants them to turn against Jon and Dany and kill everyone on their side except her brother.

He has some objections, but Cersei reminds him that his word is as good as gold and offers to pay double. He accepts.

Varys’ little birds have heard this conversation and tells the eunuch. Jon and Dany have epic RED KEEP SEX.

The army of the Dead kills everyone in White Harbor, and The Eyrie (they put a spear through Sweet Robin).

They also destroy Riverrun, Harrenhall, Casterly Rock, and the Night King even torches Dragonstone.

They finally arrives at King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode – 5

The Great War

A big snowstorm starts in King’s Landing as the Army of the Dead approaches. Everyone is at their positions.

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 5

Cersei locks herself in the tower where she was during Blackwater, with Sansa, Tyrian, and other characters who aren’t involved in the fighting, the Mountain is protecting them outside.

Cersei has poison, if need be, like she did back in season 2. The first one to arrive is the Night King on his dragon.

The great horn is placed and ready to be used. Qyburn uses the horn himself because of how proud he is of it.

It makes a very loud sound and for a moment the dragon stops, but then it burns Qyburn and everyone around there with its blue flames.

Jon and Dany go onto their dragons, and a dance of dragons starts in the sky. The city begins to burn.

The Wights are arriving, and the wildfire trap is activated. Bronn shoots the arrow as he did in Blackwater. The Hound looks away.

The trap kills a lot of Wights and is very useful, but the White Walkers are coming and extinguishing the flames. Fire arrows start to rain on them front the ships and the Walls.

The garrison comes out from the gate. They are led by the commander of the Golden Company who is riding an elephant.

Arya, Davos and Gendry ride with them. Brienne stays behind to look after Sansa.

A brutal fight starts. The biggest battle ever in Game of Thrones, with thousands of fighters and 3 dragons.

Bran wargs into Nymeria and leads her Wolf Pack down to the battle. There are lot of epic and tense moments.

Gendry charges at a White Walke with his Warhammer like Robert did on the Trident against Rhaegar, the elephants charge giants and spiders, Arya uses the face of a Wight to get closer to a White Walker and kill him.

The battle field is full of flames of three distinct colors (orange, blue and green). Even if they fight valiantly the Wights are too many so they start winning again.

Arya is trapped, Davos is against bad odds, the Iron Fleet is burning. And then over the horizon appears a fleet of red ships.

From those ships fighters all in red wielding fiery weapons start to land ashore. They are the Fiery Hand.

They save Arya and Davos. Arya sees Melisandre and she nods to her. Davos goes to speak with her. She says she must speak with Jon.

Davos angrily accompanies her to the city. Davos leaves her there, and tells her Jon is on the dragon.

Melisandre encounters Varys. She tells him to help her to get to Jon. In the sky the battle between the dragon is fierce.

Eventually Rhaegal dies, and Jon falls. Dany is sad, but she is also rapidly burns the dragons body, so it can’t be turned. The dead enter the city.

Even with the Fiery Hand, it wasn’t enought to stop them.

The streets are burning…

Jon is in middle of the fight trying to  make his way to the ballista to try to shoot Viserion. Jon encounters Varys and Melisandre on the way.

She tells Jon in a cryptic fashion that he needs to kill the woman he loves to forge Lightbringer and bring the dawn.

Jon doesn’t immediately understand her, but thantks her for the information and follows on his way.

Cersei is having contractions, her child is about to be born, so she rushes into her chambers and asks for some servants to help her with the child.

The Hound has too much of the fire and returns to keep only to find the Mountain inside.

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 5, 1

The Hound tries to tell him that right now he doesn’t want to fight, but the Mountain attacks anyway, then the Hound realizes that his brother’s eyes are blue are as a Wights (The Mountain has been undead this whole time, as an artificial Wight Created by Qyburn, and now the White Walkers control him).

They fight in the room with the map of Westeros painted on it. The Mountain is winning and throws the Hound’s Valyrian steel sword away.

The Hound has no choice but to face his fears and Kills his brother with fire. Bran is using his powers to help in the fight when a White Walker arrives at the Isle of Faces.

The Wights can’t enter because of the magic, but it’s not powerful enought to stop the White Walker.

The White Walker kills the guard protecting them and Sam must face him alone wielding Heartsbane.

Sam is scared but wins the fight, saving Bran. In the middle of the fighting Jon tries to reach ballista, but on his way he encounters Ghost as a White.

Jon fights against him but the  direwolf is winning. Arya comes to the rescue and helps Jon fight him. Jon kills him with the Longclaws.

Arya goes back to the battle riding her direwolf Nymeria. The tower where Brienne, Sansa, and Podrick are starts to burn.

They get out, but they are ambushed by Wights and a White Walker. Brienne and Pod fight side by side protecting Sansa and Tyrian. Podrick dies, but not before killing the White Walker.

Brienne and Sansa seek refuge in a commoner’s house. Tyrian sees all the destruction and goes to the cellar to get drunk.

Jon gets to the Ballista. He shoots and fails 2 times. When he is about  to shoot the third time Dany uses Drogon to stop Viserion from moving.

Jon has a clear shot, but it would mean he has to kill Drogon too. Dany tells him to do it, so Jon Snow does it and kills both dragons.

They start to fall. Drogon and Dany fall to the Throne Room, behind the Iron Throne, and the Night King and Viserion are just outside.

Jon gets to the Throne Room by usind a side door. He runs over Daeneys.

The Throne Room is burned and full of  snow just as it was in the vision in Season 2.

The Night King enters and  is ready to fight. Jon realizes teh meaning of Melisandre’s words and knows what he must do.

With a tear in his eye, he looks at Daenerys and stabs Longclaw right through her chest. She falls on to the Iron Throne as she starts dying.

Longclaw bursts into flames and an epic final confrontation takes place between Jon and the Night King.

The Night is better than Jon. Bran can see this, so he tries to enter the Night King’s mind. Inside his head the Night King and Bran have a battle of the minds.

It’s really tense, but Bran slows him down enough for Jon to land a fatal blow.

We would see all the Wights and the White Walkers die.

Jon is wounded and bleeding. He walks to Daenerys and touches her hand and tells her he is sorry.

She smiles and dies.

Jon, still bleeding, walks outside the room and falls to the ground. Having accomplished his purpose, Jon dies on the steps of the Red Keep.

The sun is rising for the first time this season, while the Stark theme plays in the background. Melisandre also sees the sun.

She takes off her collar and steps into the flames as her purpose has been accomplished (Davos sees this in the distance while he holds the burned stag in his hand).

The last shot of the episode would be of Jon, dead in the same position he was during the finale Season 5…

The Great War is over, and the dawn has finally come…

Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 6

A Song of Ice and Fire

The episode starts with all the Wights and Walkers dying and everyone looking revealed as the sun comes out, but then the Golden Company start killing Cersei’s enemies (the northern army).

Arya sees this and kills the commander of the Golden Company. Arya asks him why they did this.

He responds, it was Cersei’s orders. They never break their contract. Arya wears his face and orders the fight to stop.

She goes to Cersei, while wearing the face. She finds Cersei bleeding and suffering on her bed. Cersei is clearly dying so Arya doesn’t kill her. Cersei asks Arya to find Tyrian and bring him.

Arya finds Tyrian in the cellar very drunk and tells him the battle is over. Tyrian arrives at Cersei’s chambers. Cersei is dying of childbirth.

She’s had a dwarf son and is dying of it like their mother. Cersei laughs at the irony. She apologizes for all the horrible things she’s done to her dwarf brother, and asks him to raise the child.

She tells him to take Casterly Rock and raise the child there. Cersei names the child Tywin, and says promise me Tyrian as she dies.

Tyrian takes the baby and goes to the Throne Room. Every main character that has survived is there. They are sad about Jon and Dany.

They say some words for them and discuss what to do now. Tyrian says that they must hold a council with  all the lords and ladies that have survived.

The council will be at Oldtown because it hasn’t suffered much, and the Maesters are there.

Everyone leaves the Throne Room. Arya goes to a room alone and cries for Jon. The Hound finds her and comforts her.

Tyrian finds 3 dragon eggs beside Drogon’s body, but he decides to throw them in the ocean where no one can find them.

Bronn asks him why he did that, Tyrion tells him the dragons have done much more harm than good.

Bran and Sam see the sun rise from the Isle. Bran tells Sam there is one more thing he wants to do before leaving the island.

Bran goes into a vision and sees the black cell with Eddard lying there. Bran speaks with his father, and thanks to the additional power he has on the island Ned can see him.

Ned asks if everything is well.

Bran waits a moment, then answers yes. Neds nods and says that then he has nothing to worry about. The guards come to take him.

Sometime later everyone is in Oldtown for the great council. All the lords, great and small are there. The Maesters inform that it will start in an hour.

Everyone is meeting each other when Tyrian asks to speak with Varys privately. Only Bronn comes with them.

Tyrian offers Varys wine and he refuses, but Tyrian tells him to drink. Varys reluctantly does so.

Tyrian asks Varys why and reveals he knows the spiders plan to kill everyone in the meeting. Tyrion spoke with the little birds in King’s Landing.

Varys tells Tyrian that the  flames told him to do that when the Long Night comes, if the right king or queen doesn’t sits the Iron Throne they would all be doomed…

He tells Tyrian about all his failed attempts at that. He says he really does care about the people of the realm.

The best monarch would be the one who did the best for them. With all his failed attempts he started to grow frustrated and he started wondering how it would feel to sit on the Iron Throne.

He never had the chance to try to climb those steps until now. Tyrian asks if he  would also have killed him. Varys says it was nothing personal.

Tyrian orders Bronn to kill Varys and he does it.

The meeting starts, and all the lords start discussing who the next king should be. Who has the best claim.

The discussion grows really tense until Tyrian says he trusted Daenerys because she was the queen he chose.

Tyrian suggests that a council may be held 5 years to elect the new king or queen.

Every lord great and small might have a vote and anyone has a chance to be king. The only thing they would need to do is step up and tell what their plans for the realm are.

A great king could rule all his life, while a mad one only last 5 years. They also would set some new laws that even the king must obey.

They decide the first election will be held in 5 years, until then the Maesters will have the regency while the  lords focus on rebuilding and repopulating.

Then they discuss the situation of the north and the Iron Islands. They are offered the chance to be independent kingdoms, but Sansa refuses because she sees that things will be done better now in Westeros.

Then does the same, following Sansa’s example. They are granted the honorary titles of Queen in the North and King of the Iron Islands to preserve peace in future.

The empty castles are given to new and old lords.

Gendry is legitimized and given Storm’s End, Bronn is  given the  Twins, Edmure is given Riverrun back, Sam gets Hornhill, Tyrian gets the Casterly Rock…

Bran says that the Night’s Watch must be reformed in case the dead come back again.

Jorah Mormont offers to rebuild the Watch and becomes the 1000th Lord Commander.

Tyrian says the Iron Throne must be destroyed, and a more comfortable throne must be built to replace it.

The great council ends.

Daenerys and the Iron Throne are burnt together while Jon is being burned in the north (in the ruins of Winterfell) like the men of the watch and the Wildlings did.

Tyrion and Bronn are on their way to their castles. Tyrion gives Bronn a really big sack of gold and tells him he will change the  wealth of House Lanniseter from gold to wine.

Everyone arrives at their seats.

The Hound becomes a monk with a vow of silence, finally finding peace on the Quiet Isle.

Davos will return to the sea. He will offer Missandei to her homeland.

Up at the Wall the Stark sisters say goodbye to Bran who must go beyond-the-wall to watch the dead as the new Three Eyed Raven.

He says that maybe the dead will never return, but he must go and watch.

Jorah says if Westeros is changing the Watch must change too. From now on you won’t take the black for life, but you will serve a few years and at the end of  your time you shall be compensated.

The Stark sisters and Brienne walk through the ruins of Winterfell. The castle is rebuilt.

Brienne wants to be Sansa’s first Queensguard. Sansa asks Arya what she will do now, she suggests that she could give her a castle.

Arya says no, that is not her. She asks Sansa what is west of Westeros and tells her she will find out, but promises to return some day.

Before she leaves Sansa has final thing to show her. They go down to the crypts, the only part left intact.

Sansa had ordered a statue of the whole Stark family to be made. Everyone is there: Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Rickon, Bran, Sansa, Arya and even Jon… Cut to black…

Some years later we are at Hornhill. In the yard there is a singer, singing a song about Jon and Dany defeating the Night King.

Gilly and little Sam are  in the yard dancing happily. Sam looks down from a window and smiles.

Then he finishes his book about The Great War, and we see that he names it,

A Song of Ice and Fire.


It will really feel sad seeing when we see our loved ones struggling hard to overcome the evil.

This last season will bring a huge goosebumps to all the Game of Thrones fans lovers.

You are free to comment if I missed anything very close on this prediction theory of Season 8 outline.

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