Theodore Bagwell [T-Bag Character Study]: Prison Break

Theodore Bagwell (also known as T-Bag) is the most mischievious character in Prsion Break TV series.

theodore bagwell “t-bag”

Present Status     Alive.

Theodore Bagwell T-Bag 2

Crimes     Kidnapping and rape of childrens, First degree murder and Escaping prison.

Other Names     T-Bag, Teddy, Teddybear, Dr. Marvin Gudat, Cole Pfeffier, Teodore and Sam Webster.

Imprisoned In     Fox River

Family     Father (Mr. Bagwell), Mother (Audrey Bagwell) and Son (David Martin).

Real Name     Robert Knepper

First appearance     Allen (Season 01)

Age     T-Bag is said to be 46 years old in Prison Break – The Conspiracy (Game). In the classified FBI files he said to 37 years old.

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Theodore Bagwell has been seen as very smart, cunning and charming. All of his qualities makes the womens attracted towards him he meet.

Actor Robert Knepper explains that Theodore Bagwell “T-Bag” is not a crazy character. He knows very well what he’s doing exactly.

He has never shown himself as a stupid character. In real he is actually very smart and cunning.

Theodore Bagwell’s personality has gone viral in every episodes, he becomes Cole Pfieffer in the seris “Eagles and Angels”. He acts as a respective salesman for GATE.

Theodore Bagwell T-Bag

He could have stayed as a salesman Cole Pfeiffer, if his true identity doesn’t gets revealed.

Theodore Bagwell has often undertaken the harmful tasks, for e.g., he was ordered to kill a Bible Salesman, there he immediately gets the idea as the salesman works for the Company after seeing his ring.

He is also been ordered by Don Self to kill him, but let’s him go after getting convinced that he is just an innocent person.

Also lets the Gretchen’s family go free.

After then T-Bag comes to know that the Bible Salesman is actually a Company agent.

Later in TV series he also opposes Lincoln not to kill Gretchen as she’s carrying a child, despite the fact she tried to kill him a few days earlier.


Theodore Bagwell T-Bag 4

Theodore Bagwell is know to swallow eat very unusual things like a map, handcuff key, a locker and even a man from Mexican (he killed him to eat as he was starving from death) to survive himself.

T-Bag is the only main character who killed Lechero (the another main character).

Theodore Bagwell also remains the only character who appeared in Prison Break – The Conspiracy (Game), Prison Break, Breakout Kings and Pobeg.

His nickname is a combination of his name’s first letter and the first three letters of his last name. It is also a reference to sexual act of “Tea Bagging”.

He has performed the most dominic act. His acting has very well reflected the T-Bag’s dominant personality in Fox River.

Theodore Bagwell has an eidetic memory.

other characters

Theodore Bagwell has met with all the characters except Veronica Donovan, L.J. Burrows and Sophia Lugo.



According to Bellick, Theodore Bagwell was born on 8 August 1959. His father sexually assaulted his down syndrome daughter. Later she gave birth to Theodore.

His father made him to read entire encyclopedia and dictionaries during his childhood, stating that he will make him the “President of United States” one day. He will lead him to a bright life.

Theodore was used to continuously in and out of jail during its youth, reasons for torturing animals and vandalism.

During fourth grade, he made an attempt to set his teacher’s house on fire. After then he was sentenced to Juvenile hall.

These activities made him to join the as a member of the Alliance for purity, a fictional white supremacist group.


In 1991, Theodore slept with a waitress, after then he has a child called David Martin. Pior to this, T-Bag pursued a relationship with a single mother named Susan Hollander eluding the authorities.

Theodore Bagwell T-Bag 6

He presented himself as a charming, humble and polite father to Susan and her children. The whole Hollander family liked him as an adorable man.

But previously he was wanted murderer and rapist on the television show “America’s most wanted”. Susan notifies the police.

Theodore gets sentence to life in prison for six counts each for raping, kidnap and murder at Donaldson Prison in Alabama.

Inside the prison T-Bag quickly becomes the leader of the Alliance for Purity. Under his leadership the gang becomes so powerful inside the prison that, the Warden disbanded it and sent T-Bag to Fox River.

While seeing it, that there is no gang in the Fox River, Theodore Bagwell started its new life chapter of the gang. His updates granted him the new significant influence inside the prison.

Inside the Fox River he claims no demands except the sexual gratification from other inmates, mostly preying on the younger inmates.


season 01

Theodore Bagwell T-Bag 5

When Michael Scofield arrives in prison at Fox River, T-Bag ensnare him to his personal inmate, but was unsuccessful.

During the second riots T-Bag comes to know of the hole that Michael had made in the wall, he was in the Michael and Sucre’s cell. He threatens to tell the other inmates if Michael and others don’t include him in their escape.

On the night Theodore Bagwell and the Michael’s team broke out from the Fox River.

To ensure his safety T-Bag handcuff’s his hand with Michael. His cuffed hand later gets cut apart by John Abruzzi with an axe in abandoned shed

T-Bag gets left behind and later catch up with other escapees in Tooele, Utah (Season 02).

season 02

Left all alone of his own, Theodore Bagwell searches ways to reattach his hand. He finds a veterinarian Dr. Marvin Gudat who runs a small clinic. T-Bag forces to treat him without anesthetic.

Dr. Gudat tries to persuade him to seek help somewhere else, as he is not been able to provide the service that T-Bag needs.

He stitches his hand. After then T-Bag kills him by a lethal injection. He steals his clothing, car and colours his hair blonde and heads towards Utah.

His is to get the money which was burried by Charles Westmoreland which the other escapees looking for it.

On reaching Tooele, Utah he eats the map which Licoln and Michael are searching for it. The map contain the site which Westmoreland burried his money.

He forces Michael and Lincoln to innclude him in their search for money. After they retrieve the money bag, T-Bag fools everyone filling the bag with magazines after Sucre had demand the total sum of money.

He hides the five million dollar in a locker and goes in search for Susan. There he gets apprehended by Brad Bellick and Roy Geary. The Hollander family fled the house when she heard that Theodore Bagwell was out from prison.

When Bellick and Geary discovers the location where T-Bag has hide the five million dollar, they ties him to a radiator and calls the police.

The desperate T-Bag gets himself free by tearing his reattach hand off. He gets his money back as he had put the GPS device in the bag. T-Bag kills Geary and frames Bellick for the murder.

T-Bag then heads towards Ness City, in Kansas for Susan Hollander. He invites himself inside giving her a surprise.

He takes them all to his childhood home in Alabama, he reveals that they are his “salvation” and wants to rebuild his home. There he gets heartsbroken by Susan’s rejection, saying that she is not able to love him.

T-Bag calls the police to release them from his home.

The next decision of T-Bag is to head for Thailand, he buys a ticket to Bangkok and boarded a stop-over flight from Chicago. There he recognizes Bellick at Mexico City International Airport.

He runs away but a security footage captures him fleeing on a Mexican news Station.

Theodore Bagwell travels to Panama, there he hires a sex worker and wanted her to act like Susan, later he kills her as she disappoints him of her demand for money.

T-Bag finds himself chased by Bellick, Sucre and Michael. He gets escape by shooting Bellick on his leg, but get caught by Michael and Sucre. T-Bag again gets escape by stabbing a screwdiver on Sucre’s chest.

He is followed by Michael to an abandoned house. Michael leaves T-Bag on the floor by viciously impaling his other hand on the floor with a knife.

T-Bag gets arrested by Panamanian Police and imprison in jail.

season 03

Getting imprisoned in Sona along with Michael, Mahone and Bellick, Theodore Bagwell has once again made his life simple and easy. He ingratiate himself to Lechero, the most powerful person in prison who is a drug dealer.

In order to gain access to Lechero’s cell phone, Michael blackmails T-Bag for his past. Lechero tries to identify the suspicious action of cell phone, but T-Bag successfully manipulates Lechero for his loyalty.

T-Bag also gains the trust to Lechero’s drug dealer, Nieves. He kills him by suffocation and covers it to look like a drug overdose. This result gives T-Bag the position of a new drug dealer in prison.

When the guards enters Sona, T-Bag protects Sister Mary Francis and develops a liking for her.

Later T-Bag finds out that Michael is trying to escape from prison. He blackmails Michael to include him in the breakout, but later gets trick by Michael and gets caught along with Bellick and Lechero.

He blame Sucre for knowing everything about the escape plan and save himself from torture. During the process he finds the bird book which James Whistler drop out from his pocket, he tricks Lechero to supply $50,000 for escape.

As a new leader of Sona, T-Bag distributes all the $50,000 to the cons and says “all cons are equal”.

season 04

Soon a riot breaks out in prison, Theodore Bagwell along with Fernando Sucre and Brad Bellick breaks out from prison. All the three manage to breakout when the place is burn down.

T-Bag manage to get to Los Angeles with a possession of James Whistler’s bird book, there he gets a job in Gate Inc..

After sometime he gets spotted by Michael and Lincoln, but saves himself with his tricks.

T-Bag sworns a revenge for Michael in this season for leaving dead three times (when Abruzzi cuts his hand, when Michael stabs him in the arm and left him with Lechero and Bellick during escape in Sona).

Theodore Bagwell becomes to decode the Whistler’s bird book and make a better life, but T-Bag gets abandone in the desert when the drivers steal his money. He is accompanied with an overweight person and has to kill him in order to survive himself in desert.

Now T-Bag appears himself in the character as “Cole Pfeiffer“, when he assumes one of James Whistler identities. He become “the top salesman in the northeast” for Gate Inc. and tries to decode the Whistler’s book.

T-Bag wants Michael to figure out the relevance to Scylla, as it can be million dollars worth. Soon all of them discovers out the book contains the blueprint of Gate Corporation building.

T-Bag gets allied with Gretchen to betray Michael, so they can sell it to Mr. Feng. Bellick ends up dying during the decryption of Scylla.

T-Bag tells the honoring story of Bellick in the conference. This makes the company earned a huge amount of money.

After Scylla is obtained Gretchen betrays T-Bag and so Don Self to Michael’s team. T-Bag Kidnaps Gretchen’s family in their house, until a Bible Seller rings and T-Bag finds out he is an company agent.

He tries to kill the salesman but Gretchen’s sister encourages him not to do so. Then T-Bag let Gretchen’s family go, but the man really appears a company agent, he knocks out T-Bag and takes him to the company.

Now he becomes a secret informant of General Jonathan Krantz.

After everything is finished T-Bag gets imprisoned in Fox River, when the team of Michael denies it to exonerate T-Bag.

the final Break

T-Bag demands Lincoln $5000 money wired into his account from Lincoln, in order to set the fire alarm in return.

When he finds out that Lincoln didn’t tranfer the money he tells the FBI agent about the plan the of Michael’s plan.

Michael has to face the electrocution to help Sara escape from prison.

Late T-Bag gets charged in aiding Michael’s escape for informing about the parachute.

season 05

T-Bag finally gets out from the Fox River and receives a letter describing that Michael is still alive, using an anonymous name “Outis“. He gets a robotic hand surgery.

He discovers Outis is Michael, T-Bag reaches to Sara and tells henchmen is following her. Later she realises the truth and tells T-Bag to reach Kellerman and find everything about Michael’s disappearance.

T-Bag finds out the real truth of Sara’s husban Jacob Anton Ness. He tells Sara that she was sleeping the entire time with the enemy.

Michael tells T-Bag to kill Poseidon as they will finally have the peaceful life. During the process his son David Martin gets shot by A&W and dies.


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