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What’s up everyone, welcome to TVseriesReviews. Today in this theory I will discuss on the topic How the Vikings Disappeared?

Dragons, Thor and brutality are the common. That is the common perception of Vikings.

They made the stamp on the world through expeditions outside the Scandinavian routes.

But today they are still quite commonly misrepresenting.

The Vikings age lasted around 300 years. Starting in the Mid 700’s and the Vikings Disappeared around 1066.

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During these periods the Vikings raided countless villages, conquered lands and explored new areas of the planet.

It’s basically common knowledge that their culture somewhat misrepresented in the past.

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No they didn’t have horns on their war helmets and nor all have massive beards.

I asked even though we don’t really know much what they were really like?

They weren’t too fond in writing history. Their societies were so far apart.

Nearly everything what we know about them is from accounts of their enemies.

Today I want to give a quick overview about:-

who the vikings were?

what the vikings did?

and why the vikings disappeared?


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Vikings were the seafarers, speaking the Old Norse language. They traded and raided from their Northern lands to the major lands of Europe during the 8th to 11th centuries.

This period was called as the Viking age.

These Nordic people expanded the major important places in the early medieval history of Scandinavia, the British Isles, Estonia, France, Sicily and Kievan Rus.

Due to their advanced navigational skills and sailing of long ships, Vikings had also extended to Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

These communities were also established in the Western Europe and European Russia.

Modern conceptions of the Vikings started from the 18th century. Current popular representation is typically based on cultural and stereotypes.


Vikings used the Norwegian sea and Baltic sea routes to the south. Their raids are recorded in the 790’s to 1066 known as the Viking age in Scandinavian history.

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Vikings were given the lordships in the areas of Northern France in the 10th century. During this the Vikings continued to have an influence over in Europe.

King Harold Godwinson was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. The two Vikings Sweyn Forkbeard and his son Cnut the Great also descended the throne in 1013-1014 and 1016-1035.

After then the Vikings Disappeared slowly.

Their administrative centres remains the Kingdom of Northumbria, Mercia and Anglia.

The Vikings opened the lands to north, west and east resulting the settlements and foundation in Iceland and Greenland.

The archaeological evidence also showed that Vikings also reached Baghdad. It was the centre of the Islamic Empire.

These people did trades in tusks, furs and slaves.

During the Viking age the present nations Norway, Sweden and Denmark did not exist. But were similar in culture and language, though distant geographically.

After the Vikings Disappeared their acquired kingdoms went in hand to the Christianisations.


Vikings Disappeared

Considering the lack of authentic evidence. The long ships represented as a choice vessel for the Vikings. It’s pretty accurate.

That were pinnacle ships of that time and contributing the Vikings vast experience.

It took hundreds of years in exploring the world.

The combination of Oars and Sails made the ships remarkably versatile.

In open seas the sails were used to be exclusively. Oars were used for boosting speed.

One of the best features were the front and back structure of ships.

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In icy areas these ships could go front and backwards very quickly by simply rowing in that direction.

other achievements

Notable achievements of the Vikings aspirations included the discovery of Greenland.

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Some gives credit to Erik (the Red) an exile convicted of man slaughter.

Whether he discovered the island is doubted. Without permanent settlements it is impossible to know he actually made there.

Erik was credited as the first European to reach North America.

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Landing there he created a settlement. Which is the first European who created.

Not always going well always going well for the Vikings however.

Over the time the Vikings began to lose a decent amount of ground or fall to Christian conversation.

Rollo a Viking chief granted the Crown and ruled Normandy in 911.

After promising the French King he will convert to Christianity and keeps all other Vikings out.

now coming to the question 3 – how the Vikings Disappeared?

Vikings were Norse. They originated in Scandinavia. Mostly focused on raiding and exploring new lands.

Following this livelihood in every places. Vikings raided and explored lands from the middle east to Africa and North America.

Many believe the Vikings age started with the raid of Lindisfarne in England.

In 792 Vikings raided a Christian Monestry there. Starting out the long line raid throughout Europe and beyond.

Vikings had already raided the occasions. But those particular events really kicked started the identity Vikings would build up.

Christians had a quite bit of dis-likeness against these pagans.

Vikings history effectively does become a raids and explorers for the next few hundred years.

Considering just how widespread these people travelled. It is too surprising in the end the culture gone away.

The exact cause Vikings travelled the globe can’t really be pinpointed.

Some argue it was the conversion for Christianity. This would be the large part of Saxon war.

At the same time some argues that Vikings gave their first sons to acquire lands. Younger sons ventured off to gain own property.

Of course multitude of reasons could exist. May be it was just a bi-product of raiding. We don’t know fortune.

Slowly the Vikings Disappeared. Their cultures and religion began to fade out. As they start losing lands and many get convert to Christianity.

This confirming the cause of ending the Vikings age.

Earl Totsig Godwinson is exile from England after a rebellion. Following a rather poor attempt at Northumbria.

His actions lead him to contact the King of Norway Harold Hardrada and convince him to march in England.

Hardrada and Godwinson lose the war and got killed.

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The whole Viking saga finally reached at end.

Around this period the weak Vikings community started disappearing. This was a slow process.

It took nearly 2 centuries after the fall of the Vikings the Christianity became universal throughout Scandinavia.

now coming to some miscellaneous details about vikings

other names

Due to their ash wood of their boats, the Germans calls them Ascomanni. Dubgail and Fingail (“dark and fair foreigners”) by the Irish. “Dane” by Anglo-Saxons and “lake persons” by the Gaels.

The Byzantines and Arabs knew them as the Rhos. Derives from the use of Rops- related to “rowing” comes from the area of Roslagen in Sweden.

Some historians and archaeologists believes that Scandinavian settlements in Slavic lands plays a significant role to the formation of Kievan Rus. Also the names of early states of Russia and Belarus.

Varangians is the name given by the Slavs and Byzantines, meaning “sworn mens”. The Scandinavian bodyguards for the Byzantines emperor are known as the Varangian Guard.


One of the etymology comes the feminine means “creek” a small inlet or bay.

Numerous theories have been offers that Vikings may be derives from the historical Norwegian district of Viken.

This word simply describes the person from that place only.

Some are few major problems in this theory that the people of the Viken are not call as Vikings. According to old Norse Manuscripts, but are refer to as “Vikverir“.

A Vastra Stro 1 Runestone has an inscription in memory of Bjorn, who get kill when “i viking”.

There is a locality since the middle ages in Sweden call Vikinstad. A Bru stone (U 617) is raise in memory of Assur who protects the lands from Vikings.

An etymology in the early twenty-first century, derives Vikings as Old Norse vika from the same root. ‘Sea miles’ the distance of two shifts between rowers.

The behind it seems that the tired rowers moves aside from rowing and the rested comes for rowing.

Another word wicing comes first from the Anglo-Saxon in old english poems. This term generally refers as Scandinavian pirates or raiders.

This term of name is not engage in old Norse culture to any peoples. The word doesn’t exists in any of the middle english texts.

Only one theory is made by the icelander Ornolfur Kristjansson is that the Key to word is “wicing cynn“. Referring the people as race living.

I wish more can be say about the Vikings disappeared
But to say about their wars or battles, their documentary make by them is very poor.
people who write in the documents are not true.
The Vikings were far better than what written in the documenTry.
They did far more than anyone else.
the popular north saga detailing their culture and history is create after the Viking age end. 

I would love to detail it but it deserves more theories in some other posts.

The Vikings legacy is a strange one.

Some little history is preserve from Vikings culture. Norse culture has some influence in western culture.

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Thursday is named after Thor’s day.

Thank you for keep supporting my blog and reading it.








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